Thursday, January 3, 2013

Landscape? With a macro lens???

Just playing around with the new lens...
testing it's limits...


  1. The result looks pretty good to me too. (Now to go and google 'macro lens':) Scenery not bad either!

  2. Congratulations on the new lens! This is a wonderful shot! Have fun experimenting!

  3. Thanks LadyFi!!!

    Thanks LOL!!! The macro lens is intended for close ups...not landscapes!!! You could also refer to it as a prime lens as it only has the 105mm capability, no zoom lens. The beauty of the macro lens is that it has the capability of what's called a 1:1 or sometimes 1:2 reproduction ratio...which means when you get up close, the reproduction is the exact size or bigger of the original!!!

    Thanks Brian!!!

    It's a 105mm Nikkor Micro (macro) lens...Nikon refers to the macros as micros where every body else says macros!!! It was my birthday present and I'm loving every minute of playing with it! I took this early in this point, the same slopes are completely covered in snow!!! Thanks for asking Margaret!!!

    PS...Santa brought me another fab lens...for "general use"!!! The Nikon 24-120mm!!!
    I'l be practicing with it this weekend!!!

  4. Very interesting. THanks for explaining.

  5. Yes, thanks for explaining! I have tried the macro setting on my little point and shoot, and didn't even know its true purpose. Santa has your wishes all dialed in, it seems. Interesting, lovely photo!