Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Search of Spring...

"It's spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you've got it, you want-
oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, 
but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"
Mark Twain

OMG!!!  Mark Twain absolutely nailed how I've been feeling the past few weeks!!!
March is the hardest month for me up here...
in the southland, March is the month that
blossoms are blooming...
and Spring is making herself known to all.
Yesterday it snowed up here...
...yep...the driveway's got several inches of snow again...
and someone said there's another storm brewing
that might just pommel us in the next week or two...

(the good news is that the mountain just announced they won't be closing as planned,
but will stay open for the duration...meaning July 4th!!!)
so if you're a skier/'ve still got time to get on up here and get a few more good runs!!!)

(the lilacs are courtesy of Bishop...4000 feet lower than Mammoth,
 it's warm, and showing lot's of signs of Spring!)

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  1. The lilacs are beautiful and I hope spring comes soon for you. On the other side of the world from you our extreme summer temps are finally easing off! It's a big world!!

  2. Thanks Mick!!! You're is a big world...and yet the internet brings us all so much closer!!!

  3. Know what you mean. we got one day of t-shirt weather then the cold and snow yanked us back into winter, the longest season.

  4. Thanks << Louis >>!!!

    Thanks Jaime!!!

    It's been relatively warm...sweatshirt weather...but there's still lot's of snow on the ground with more to come!!! Thanks Pearl!!!

  5. I feel your longing. Yesterday was lovely... today the wind is so blustery and cold, it sounds like a train going through the back yard. Definitely ready for warm weather to come and stay a while.

  6. Oh what beautiful flowers. Great photo. And lots of news. We finally got a whole day of sunshine, at last :).

  7. What can I say....spring is fickle! We finally lost most of our snow but the forecast is for another storm:(

  8. Thanks Laura!!! Today it got up to the low 60' how come it's supposed to snow on Thursday???

    Congratulations on your day of sunshine LOL!!!

    I am constantly amazed Linda, at how similar our weather patterns are!!! We've been warm, but are expecting snow again this week...but I must admit...I think I prefer our temperatures and in-between storms weather!!!

  9. I've got it too. But it's a good kind of fever to have. - Margy

  10. I love the lilacs, one if my fav blooms. The weather is just insane, you're getting more snow and just when I thought the weather was cooling down here, it was 34C today.. Wish it would sort itself out :)

  11. I knew someone would beat me to "gorgeous." Well, I don't care. Because it is.

  12. And that is such a wistful quote, considering the source. I really like it.

  13. I read that male testosterone is at it's lowest in spring. That is the epitome of confusion

  14. Our weather is not atypical at all Perth...I'm just tired of it!!! We often have snow up into a matter of fact, Mark Twain mentions in one of his quotes...
    "Under favorable circumstances it snows at least once in every single month in the year, in the little town of Mono."

    Thanks Hiker!!!

    Well now, that's interesting PA!!! I don't doubt it!!! Isn't the birth rate higher in Spring too???

  15. Now I'm not so sure that these blossoms are lilacs...anyone know what they might be???

  16. Are you sure they are lilacs? they look like wisteria to me...the lilacs I remember from my childhood in NJ had lots of little individual 5-petalled flowers, but then maybe this is a Western variety?
    Anyway they are gorgeous--nice shot!
    And the weather's been just as nuts (on a smaller scale) her in Pasadena too ;-O

  17. Bingo!!! I think you nailed it Nancy!!! This last time I went down to Bishop I saw lilacs next to the Wisteria and knew I'd called it wrong!!! I think you're right...Wisteria!!! Thanks!!!