Wednesday, April 24, 2013





Computer issues aside...
(and yes...they're fixed!!!)

I'm sooo excited!!!
Yesterday morning I looked out the back door and 
found the patio!!!


Today Kelly and I actually took our first walk back in the back forty!!!

Spring is on it's way!!!

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  1. Glad your computer is fixed and you're seeing signs of spring!

  2. Oh nooo still snow? I wish you lovely Spring soon :)

  3. Hooray! Super about your computer and delightful that Spring is on the way :).

  4. Thanks Brian!!!

    Thanks Nina!!! Seeing ground and the back patio are definite signs of Spring here!!!

    Thanks LOL!!! I really like my Computer Geek! He gave me lots of good info about what was slowing my computer down and making it act like someone else was hacking into it!!! We have horribly slow internet due to a lack of bandwidth coming into town...and my back up programs were slowing things down...Can't wait for digital 395 to finish this summer!!! Promises of incredible speeds, no matter how many people are in town!!!

  5. Hurray! Lovely pics.

    We can see grass over here and the lake no longer has ice.

  6. Yay!!! No more snow...but lot's of water for Oscar and Kelly to swim in!!!

  7. Yay for Spring! Those pups are very adventurous - I imagine the water is still very cold!

  8. But but but, your snow is our Pasadena summer water supply. I want you to have lots of snow!! We're still "stealing" your water, aren't we?

  9. Someone decorate those Christmas Trees!

  10. Here is to seeing the patio. Well done Mother Nature.

  11. Cold water doesn't stop Kelly Adele!!!

    Oh Bellis...yes...there's still a game of tug of war going on between Mammoth and LADWP...but Mammoth has lived up to its part of the bargain...we've had 90% of our yearly's the rest of the Sierras that have been sloughing off on their snow and water production...
    It's time for Spring here!!!

    I AM excited EG Camera Girl!!!

    How about a few birds Cafe???

    Here, here!!! Thanks Margaret...pretty soon it will be time for Margaritas on the deck!!!

  12. Oh've had to wait for this moment a wee bit too long this year Chieftess, enjoy!

  13. It's actually average for up here's just that I'm a born and raised Southern California girl and used to Spring...well...pretty much year round!!! Come March and April I start missing that Southland weather!!!

  14. You know I'm a Southern California mild weather kind of person. So the difference between the two photos is cold and colder!
    Speaking of cold, I think we're going to be up there in May, so try to melt all the snow before we get in the area. Umkay?
    If we go, it will be to Bishop (or Mammoth Lakes), Lone Pine, then up to Pollock Pines. I think that's right.

  15. The snow is melting fast now Pat!!! Shoot me an email when you come up...We're in and out of town all May...But if we're here...we'd love to connect!!!