Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...Upside Down!!!

(Catalog found!!!  And back on track!!!)'s snowing again!!!

I had planned on showing spring at our house...

and Spring across the street...

Yep...same day...same street...
amazing what a little shade will do!!!

But now...
it's snowing again...
so all bets are off...
here's the back forty...


Guess who loves that it's snowing again?!!!

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  1. Great news that all is sorted. I love the look of that snow. I must be mad :).

  2. Don't expect sympathy from this corner -- your place is gorgeous.

  3. Did you see my tulip pics today Kathy? Oh yeah, you did ...

    Never mind. :-)

  4. It has to change soon if we are to maintain our sanity. Calling spring weather!!

  5. It does get old seeing snow, but it's GOT to leave one day--hang in there!

  6. Thanks LOL!!! I'm going mad with all this snow!!!

    Well...there's that...

    Darn you Wayne!!! Yes I did!!!

    I know Kate...but there's actually a Mark Twain quote somewhere in his essay Roughing It that mentions snow at least once a month in the Eastern has happened!!!

    I know Bettyl!!! I know!!! I'm hanging in here!!!

  7. Brrr...but it is pretty. And the dog loves it! Our son lives in Colorado and he sent a picture of their Aussie shepherd happy as anything in yesterday's snow there! He loved it too! But come on, it's the middle of April!

  8. The back forty! What a gorgeous view to have from your porch, any time of year.

  9. what a wonderful house you live in. Looks very nice to me.

    Weather conditions? Hopeless all over the globe it seems. Everything seems to be 3 weeks late.

  10. Oh, wow more snow. Lucky doggie! I know first hand what the shade does, the snow sticks around forever. Thanks for sharing your world, have a happy day!

  11. The snow is so pretty, but you - like me - must be longing for spring.

  12. We saw the snow through the Silver Lake Lodge webcam...then the webcam went dark! Phooey. So, I'm really enjoying your photos! :-)
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  13. Snow snow snow, and more snow! It is amazing what a little shade does to make that stuff stick around!

  14. Shade vs no shade is amazing. Your snow is beautiful. Congrats on the return of your catalog!

  15. My sentiment exactly, Sallie!!!

    Yep...that's the back forty Petrea!!! One of the perks of living on the edge of the forest...

    Ours isn't all that off NatureFootstep...we had snow at the end of May two years ago...

    thanks EileenMD!!! We're on the shady side of the street, on the snowy side of town!!!

    I am LadyFi!!!

    Glad to oblige Trav4!!!'s a bit annoying!!! Thanks Emily!!!

    Thanks Adele! It was a relief to find the catalog! I had a computer appointment today but had to cancel due to smelling propane when I was unloading groceries and the heater turned on...turns out we had two small leaks!!! Boy am I glad I called!!!