Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Monday Morning...

"When late morning rolls around and you're feeling a bit out of sorts,
don't worry;
you're probably just a little eleven o'clockish."
Winnie The Pooh
(A.A. Milne!)

Not quite a macro...but close enough!!!

He's a big 'un!!!  Steve Searles, The Bear Whisperer,
 said he is about 7 feet long and about 600 pounds...
Like many of us in the morning...he appears to be a bit groggy after his long winter nap...
Steve thinks he's healthy...just a bit slow to get going!!!

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  1. This is where macro with a 50mm lens is not a good idea!

    Nice bear.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

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  3. Now that is a great shot - you got very close indeed.

  4. Indeed Stewart!!! 300mm telephoto for this one...and a lot of cropping!!!

    Thanks LadyFi!!!

  5. Definitely close enough! Adore the Winnie the Pooh quote..

  6. Ah now I know a name for my feeling ... eleven o`clockish :-)
    I love bears! Well, never saw one in nature, only in the zoo.

  7. Good thing for you he's slow to get going! :)

  8. How genuinely exciting to see your shot here. Where was sleepy bear? Hopefully, not in your back garden :).

  9. Thanks PerthDP!!!

    I know too!!!

    Thanks Gunilla!!!

    I know Bibi! When I got up above him on a little knoll, he raised his head, huffed a couple of times, saw that I sat down, he put his head back down and after a few minutes, went back to sleep!!!

    Thanks LOL! Not in our backyard...but behind some condos. He seemed quite content!!! (and still a bit sleepy!!)

  10. He does look eleven o'clock-ish!! You are one brave photo safari-er!! :) Lovely photo.

  11. He's none too energetic, huh? LOL!

  12. Thanks Adele!!! I was actually up a bit of a knoll...far enough away I felt ok (especially because the first time I saw him I was with the Bear Whisperer!!! And he told me how to react if the bear got a bit huffy...get down on your knees or sit on the ground!!! In my head I know that our black bears aren't agressive and not particularly dangerous to us humans...but I was still a bit nervous!!!)

    Nope...he's definitely eleven o'clock-ish!!! Thanks Brian!!!

  13. He needs coffee! At least I would after a sleep that long!

  14. He's a beauty! I'm glad you didn't get too close.

  15. Ha! I thought you got a photo of a drugged wayward camp bear. Being escorted to higher and more remote ground