Saturday, April 6, 2013

The End of the World???

...or the end of Winter???

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world
the Master calls the butterfly."
Richard Bach

Kelly and I were down at Convict Lake twice this past week...
I was struck by the utter "end of the world" look of the trees...

Kelly was struck by the fact that the water was sans ice!!!

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  1. beautiful! that first shot reminds me of an Ansel Adams one, will winter ever end? we had another frost this morning

  2. Creative bw photo ~ love the texture and reflections

  3. Two people seeing different things ;-)
    You have beautiful light and texture here.

  4. Tres dramatique image Chieftess, I really hope it is the end of winter for you, it seems to have been long and bitter for you guys..I can't believe it's April and next week we are still having a few days of 35C, nooooooo!

  5. I seem to really notice the character of the trees in the late winter/early spring, maybe because I am always searching for signs of new life everywhere by then!

  6. Those trees look almost alive, albeit stark.

  7. A lovely post for the theme!
    Nice tree and a great B&W composition!

  8. What a beautiful photo!
    Love the quote too.

  9. Beautiful. I love this in black and white.

  10. Hopefully, some wonderful colors will appear soon!

  11. Beautiful shot. I love the end of the world look, at least when it's in nature like this.

  12. The name of the lake is pretty end of the world ish too.

  13. I have yet to visit convict lake. I can tell you that this photo makes me think I should. Not the end of the world for me. But a vacation.....

  14. Spring is trying to establish itself in the Eastern Sierras Justine...but winter keeps hanging on!!!

    Thanks Creative Harbour!!!

    Thanks SheWhoCarriesCamera!!!

    No two people see the same things the same way Dragonstar!!!

    Thanks Brian!!!

    Ohhh...I had to convert Celsius to Farenheit to figure out how hot it is where you are Perth...yep...that's hot!!! I think your April is similar to our September...and we generally have a heat wave every September, just before the seasons fully change...this may be a good sign for you, yet!!!

    I know what you mean VioletSky!!! Early Spring and late Fall tend to lend a Gothic look to the foliage here...

    Hard to believe it's the harbinger of Spring, eh? Thanks Gerald!!!

    They're struggling to bud their leaves Bibi!!!

    Thanks HansHB!!!

    Thanks Sonia!!!

    It really looks so much more dramatic in B&W than it did in color Tracey!!!

    Thanks Bettyl!!! The Spring colors are beginning to pop up! I've started seeing Daffodils breaking through!!!

    Thanks Island Wonder...probably not a sight you see very often!!!

    Thanks Carver!

    Thanks Margaret!!! It certainly was the end of the world for several of the deputies and convicts that met their end there in 1871!!!

    It's only about 2 miles off of Hwy 395, about 10 miles before the Mammoth off ramp...well worth the diversion!! It's a magnificent setting for a lake...and the restaurant is one of the best up here!!! They have charming cottages for rent in the resort or great camping too!!! Definitely worth a visit PA!!!

  15. Beautiful b&w photo, I love this!
    Nice title too.

  16. That whole 'end of the world' look has been continuing quite late this year, Spring need to get itself in gear! Nice contrasts and shadows!

  17. Stark indeed. Makes a great photo statement though!

  18. Thanks Karl!!!

    We're actually on target for the beginnings of Spring Wayne...I'm just anxious!!!

    Thanks Leslie!!!

  19. I like this photograph in perfect grey scale!
    Thanks for visiting and kind comment!