Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's a Party!!!

"We can make this thing into a party,
instead of a memory."
Will Rogers

I'm betting those "ancients" had a great party here!!!

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  1. Wow! Do we know what they mean? When you said 'party', at first sight I took the drawings to be lots of packages in gift wrap...

  2. Pretty amazing find. Wish I could decipher it.

  3. Is this the most northern site? If so, hubby and I stopped there. It was the most eerie. No trees around. Windswept. I could hear and feel the ancients talking! It was awesome!

  4. We need an ancient interpreter Chieftess, there's a lot going on here.

  5. Looks like the ancients were working out the design of an early Greek temple.

  6. Beautiful! Love your black and whites!

  7. Linda...I bought a book on rock art to see if I could find some of the symbols and their meanings...and wasn't very successful. The one thing I did get is that some of the symbols that look like grids could be related to seasons...other than that, I couldn't find anything that made sense...

    Me too Kate!!!

    I think this was more in the middle trav4...

    Know any PerthDP???

    Thanks Pieni Lintu???

    Thanks Monica!

    Your guess is as good as mine TakenForGranted!!!

    Thanks RedPat!!!

    Thanks Brian!!! High praise coming from you!!! Love your pics!!!

  8. Coool, great capture :0) Have a nice sunday :0)

  9. Geeze...nothing escapes graffiti. Its placement there just have taken some effort. There is not a lot of room left in that particular area. genie

  10. Fantastic. Next time I visit, let's go there!

  11. Thanks Robert and Wenche!!!

    Oh Genie!!! Wouldn't you know it??? Graffiti seems to be genetically engineered into the human psyche!!!

    Absolutely Petrea!!!

    Thanks Adele!!!

  12. Wonderful range of tones in this image. Pop culture must be too much on my mind. I see these symbols and think they'd make great tattoos. Sorry about that.

  13. Haha!!! Now that's a twist I wasn't expecting!!! Thanks OaklandDP!!!

  14. Incredibly complex. I'd love to know what they were thinking when thet were "writing" this.

  15. Thanks Dragonstar!!! They're definitely communicating!!!