Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Little Corner of the World...

Moon over the Whites Mountain Range on the east side of Owens Valley, California

"I've never seen a moon in the sky that,
if it didn't take my breath away,
at least misplaced it for a moment."
Colin Farrell

While the rest of the states are freezing their tuckasses off...
we lucky Californians are experiencing warmer than average temps...
which would be great...
except for when you live in a ski resort!!!

Fortunately, Mammoth Mountain has the ability to make snow...
so the mountain is open!!!

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  1. Snow is somthing I dream about at the moment, too much rain

  2. I was sat on a beach this evening - watching a full Moon after a 110+ degree day! The evening was much better than the rest of the day!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Oh la! What a shot Chieftess, wouldn't mind if I'd taken it :)

  4. Beautiful photo, but I wish you guys were getting the cold weather you need.

  5. Great moon shot! We must have gotten your snow here in Breckenridge! We've had 2' in 2 days and the wind is howling.

  6. Beautiful shot! I'm yearning to climb those mountains!

  7. Brown mountains in January -- spooky.

  8. While I'm enjoying the warm weather, and grateful we're not facing the east coast winter...we really do need the snow...So Barb...send it back over to us!!! And << Louis >>, add a bit of snow to the rainmaking!!!