Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The End of an Era...

As of last Saturday, Whiskey Creek of Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, California
closed their doors for the final time.  

Whiskey Creek, Mammoth Lakes was opened in 1972 by Sam Walker and has been 
an iconic establishment ever since, even through changes in ownership and changes in seasons.
I remember Whiskey Creek from my early days of skiing Mammoth...
my girlfriend met her husband there...
Everyone who is a "local" has a story to tell about time 
spent in Whiskey Creek.

While it started as a dinner house with a nice bar for apres skiing...
it also became somewhat of a go-to spot for 
sports bar entertainment...
and wild and woolly vacation hoopla!!!
As well as a fine spot for a great steak.

The Bishop restaurant was established in the 80's and was a favored 
dinner house in Bishop and the surrounding areas.  

Drought years are tough on mountain ski communities and the communities
that line the highway on the way to them.

There is a silver lining though...
but I'm saving that for another day!!!

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  1. Such a shame Chieftess, thank heavens for silver linings ... Whatever they may be :)

  2. I know this place...waiting not-so-patiently for the silver lining!

  3. A perfect name for a spot near a ski area. I'm in love with words and the name Whiskey Creek sounds delightful to my ear, and my palate, too!

  4. Right I'm coming back to hear what the silver lining is - great use of dramatic tension as my writing teacher would say!
    Have fun
    Wren x

  5. looking forward to silver linings. I have read in other blogs that the draught in the CA mountains is horrible. makes me worried about the summer and the dryness.

  6. kjenner ikke den plass men trist er det nok .

  7. Hopefully the silver lining is good for the building...

  8. Sorry to hear the Whiskey Creek is closing, but glad to hear there is a silver lining.
    Visiting from Our World Tuesday.

  9. Yea, a silver lining, hopefully, it involves Whiskey!

  10. Would you consider a beer Woody???

    Check back at next week's "Our World Tuesday" for the silver lining!!!

  11. I hate to see so many businesses close, but I'll wait to hear your silver lining. - Margy

  12. hee hee... «Louis» is interesting in the next chapter, so (to mix the metaphor), he will "stay tuned"...