Sunday, January 13, 2013

Joining Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

It's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!!

This is my first attempt posting for this meme...
I've been following it vicariously through some of the blogs
that I follow, and it's intrigued me!!!
The object is to take photos that represent the words in each
week's list...

I must admit, I raided my archives for two of them...
the backside was the first weekend in December....
and the reflection was from fall, 2 years ago...

1.  Outside...

Just how cold was it last Thursday??? was v-e-r-r-r-y cold!!!

But not as cold as today!!!

Yep!   It's darned cold up here in sunny California!!!

2.  Backside...

This little backside turned one on November 30!!!

3.  Little Things...

One of four sweet little salt shakers I inherited from my 
wonderful mom-in-law...

4.  A Cup of...

We think this set originally came from my mom-in-law's mother...
Royal Rudolstadt...from Prussia!!!

5.  Reflect

This is a reflection in a stream emanating from Silver Lake, in the June Lake Loop.

This has been a challenging meme to participate in!!!
And I loved it!!!

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  1. What a great idea. You have a super collection of photos here. All of them.

  2. Fun! Looks like you nailed it. Enjoyed them all!

  3. Thanks LOL and Adele!!! It WAS fun!!! and very challenging! I look forward to doing it again!!!

  4. I like all of these but I have a feeling the "backside" is going to win the popularity vote. I especially like the light on that tea set, too.

  5. Thanks Petrea! I don't know which was harder to capture...that wiggling backside or the light!!!

  6. I love that pitcher and cup! My mom used to have a pitcher very similiar to that. Welcome to scavenger hunt! I must warn's quite addicting. Happy trails!

  7. Thanks Mary Gene!!! It already is addicting!!!

  8. Your cold shot chilled me! I love your inherited items. I have a few from my mother and grandmother and they are my valued possessions. I love your reflection shot also.

  9. It chilled me taking it Yogi!!! I love the cup and "cocoa"'s one of my favorite things from Jackie...and I love my new salt shakers...they're absolutely charming!!! I'm thinking Easter!!! Glad you stopped by to visit!!!

  10. Great photos! The salt shaker and tea set are beautiful!

  11. Well, welcome to SHS!! It is a fun and challenging exercise! I'm always amazed and inspired by how others interprete the prompts!! There's a lot of creative souls out there! I love all your shots! I think my favorite is the tea set, just beautiful! Of course, that backside is adorable!!

  12. Thanks Jessica and Cathy H.! I'm going to enjoy participating more often!!!

  13. That's my youngest granddaughter Kaely...I love that little backside too!!!

    and thanks for "following"!!!

  14. Wow wow wow, you are so talented! I especially love your reflection photo.

    Meg @

  15. Wow! Thank you for the compliment Meg!!! I enjoyed your contributions as well!!!

  16. Your backside photo is real cute and really like the set from a cup of...

  17. thanks Anne U!!! Loved your "Hot Coffee Mama"!!!

  18. These are great! An adorable backside!

  19. Oh woman!, I hope this memme doesn't catch on with me. I have enuf trouble finding time to blog as it is!

  20. Beautiful reflect shot and that tea set is simply beautiful.

  21. Thanks Tamar!!!

    It's catching out!!!

    Thanks's a cute backside!!!

    Thanks Nicki!

    Glad you enjoyed it << Louis >>!!!

  22. I LOVE your backside shot and that tea set image. FABULOUS job!!! :D