Monday, September 6, 2010

Into Thin Air...

Now, the Hubman and I have been up here at 8000 ft altitude for a couple of months...albeit with several lower altitude breaks...but I have to say, we're still huffing and puffing...this thin air is challenging.
But I'm here to tell you...not everyone is as altitude challenged as we are...since we've been here we've seen numerous groups of people of many different ages running...yep...running!!!

The majority of the groups of runners have been young people like this young woman...about high school age...and probably on the track team somewhere, coming up here to train...

More power to them!!!

Maybe next year...


  1. I remember the first time I drove from Denver up into the mountains to go hiking. By the time we got to the trail head, I felt like I needed to find a cave for hibernation. I understand that old song about Rocky Mountain High. I was OUT of it.

    Running? Are you kidding? I could barely walk!

    This is a great shot, Chieftess.

  2. Thanks Laurie!!! I know what you mean...I definitely hit that zone of shear exhaustion just going up our stairs here at home at this new altitude!!! We just got back from the Sequoia's tonight...we used to struggle with the altitude there going up from Glendale, but coming from Mammoth, we were 2000 feet lower...we both felt great and hiked places neither one of us have hiked for several years!!!

  3. You guys are having entirely too much fun up there!

  4. Just took a look out at the deck...kind of a cross between snow and sleet!!! We've apparently got some fall weather for the next few days!!!

  5. Impressive. I can't even walk fast up there.