Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Theme Day...Open Air Market...yeah, I know...I'm a little off-kilter in my timing...

Today has been the day to show off our open air markets.  Nowadays, most every town in California has one at least one day a week.  Mammoth Lakes is one of those towns.  Now...I've been to the one in South Pasadena, the one in Montrose, and the one in LaCanada...and years ago, the one in San Luis Obispo...they're all fairly good sized...generally at least a block with many vendors.   Well...the  Mammoth Lakes Farmers Market, may be small, but it's mighty!!!

Last week was my first visit.  The main fruit and vegetable vendor is from a farm just south of Bishop in Wilkerson.   Last week, I bought two white peaches...he warned me that they'll bruise easily and that you can't buy them in stores because they bruise too easily to ship.  Let me tell you...those were the best white peaches I've had in decades...seriously!!!   I went back tonight and got some more!!!  There are several other smaller vendors with vegetables and fresh herbs, coffee roasted here in Mammoth, unique gift items, massages by the minute, folk/country singers (and small dancer), and really cool manzanita earring trees.  

Not bad for a small parking lot sized Farmer's Market, eh???

Thank you for your patience with my weird scheduling...I will get my posting dates on track soon!!!