Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Late afternoon at Rock Creek Lake...

We continued on our Sunday drive after lunch at Tom's Place and found 
Rock Creek Lake...

Still taking advantage of top-down weather...
The weather's starting to turn, so not much longer...


  1. And Hubman looking all sporty in his cap~! You two landed in one beautiful place and your photographs do it justice.

  2. This is where i turn off. We hauled a couple of horses and road up to a smaller alpine lake from the campground. My horse was a pinto with a white eye named Dolly.

    have the leaves gone yellow?

  3. We're just starting to see some yellow leaves PA...looking forward to a week or two from's gonna be gorgeous!!!

    Awww V!!! You're making me blush again!!! (The Hubman's cap is his favorite...from Ireland!)