Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank You First Responders...

The Mammoth Lakes Rotary club hosted their Heroes luncheon today in honor of the First Responders of Mono County.  

The luncheon was attended by representatives of Firefighters from all over Mono County, Mammoth Lakes Police, Mono County Sheriff's Department, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), Mono County Paramedics, the Mono County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team, as well as Veterans, parents of Veterans,  active service members, community members, and of course, Rotarians.


  1. Fire departments are so important in every community, but especially mountain communities. Nice to see all the first responders honored by the community. I like your shot looking out at the truck with the national and state flags flying against a clear blue sky, and the graphic grid of the station door with the interior flag. Super elements!

  2. Is the photo from the Fire House? Near Domino's Pizza?

    Look what past top billing ML Rotary Club event I found - :) -

    The other thing I love about your blog is seeing the community side of Mammoth.

  3. Yep!!! The Hubman was invited to speak at Rotary the first week he started!!! He's now a full fledged member...transferred his membership from the So Pas club to the Mammoth club a couple of weeks ago!

    He's going to speak again about the Corazon project we've been involved with over the past years...see, and

    Life is good...we're getting involved and adjusted!!!