Saturday, September 18, 2010

Laurie's GOSP may have squirrel crossings...but in Mammoth....

Now, you've gotta love a Lodge that sports this sign at their dock...

And wouldn't you know...there were plenty of fishermen close by to confirm the sign!!!

And why not, with a view like this???

Miss Daisy and I walked a fair bit alongside Lake Mary today...we both got back home and took naps!!!

Check out Laurie Allee's Glimpses of South Pasadena blog....


  1. What breathtaking views which you captured beautifully. I'd like to walk there as well as fish!

  2. Hahaha ~ what a wonderful sign! I'll bet you both enjoyed those naps, too. Sounds like a lovely day.

  3. I'd brake for the fisherman.

    Been flipping through these photos (keep forgetting this second site). Quality stuff, Kathy. Really lovely. I see serious kyaking in your future.

  4. I think I'm game to try some kayaking...but definitely with a wetsuit!!! (next summer!)

    Thanks Kate!!! It was an absolutely gorgeous walk!!!

    Thanks was a lovely day!!!