Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taking a stroll by the museum...

 About 15 yards from the Mammoth Museum is Mammoth Creek...
Daisy and I took a little stroll down by the Creek...

Daisy decided to cool off in the stream...

Isn't she beautiful???

Not bad for an old gal!!!


  1. Aww, Daisy is magnificent. So is your scenery. Have a beautiful day!

  2. I think Mammoth is doing her good. Lovely photos, Chieftess.

  3. Thanks Shell!!! She's an old gal but she's a beauty!!!

    I think you're right Petrea!!! She bounced like a puppy when I first let her out by the Museum...there was another Golden there (of course, the camera was in the car!) She and the Glacier romped and played for a good 10 minutes...about 5 minutes longer than she usually lasts with her grand-pups!!

  4. What fun - for both you and esp. for Daisy.
    Love the lighting and the tones in the 3rd photo. Classic golden beauty.

  5. Thanks Tash...she's having a ball up here!!!