Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This time...I had my camera!!!

After a fun afternoon for both Daisy and myself...we're on our way down from Horseshoe and Mamie Lakes, and right there on the road, is a great, big, beautiful bear!!!

And right next to me on the seat of my little red snow mobile, was my camera...
Since the bear was initially ambling up the road, on the edge of the road, the traffic opposite me was completely stopped.  Now, in all fairness to the impatient guy behind me, I could have kept going.

And miss this opportunity???  

The bear appeared to be a bit miffed that he (or she) had to get off the road because of traffic...
But not as miffed as the guy behind me who whizzed on by as soon as we got beyond the bear!!!


  1. Yay! Both for you for getting great shots, and for the bear for getting off the road.

    Okay, and yay for the guy for eventually getting his way, too. Win/win/win.

  2. What did Miss Daisy think of the bear?

  3. Miss Daisy was mildly curious...having limited vision these days, she probably couldn't see the bear very well!!!

  4. Wow. Not something one sees every day.

  5. Definitely not every day Steffe, but this is the 4th bear I've seen since we moved here in July!!! (1st one I had a camera for!!!)

  6. Wow! Of course you HAD to stop. Nice photos. It must be a rare sight this time of the year.
    Did you have the windows down? Miss Daisy would have noticed then.

    We saw mama bear and 2 cubs about three years ago at Little Eagle ski lift in February. They were heading away but not into the woods.

  7. Daisy can't smell much or see very far which is probably why she wasn't all that interested...

    Bears in February are pretty rare! I'm amazed you saw some...what were they doing out and about??? They tend to be quite a bit more active at this time of year as they're foraging about for food to sustain them through the winter...