Friday, February 18, 2011

Back to the past!!!

Another gem of a car found next to Eric Schat's World Famous Bakery!!!
(To my international visitors...a little reality check...have you EVER heard of Eric Schat's Bakery in Bishop, CA???)

A little lomo effect...

These are the natural color...

And some more lomo effect!!!

It's still snowing...and I was out and a about in it again today...
Thank you Chief for my snow tires and my little Red (Subaru) Snowmobile!!!

Hail to the Chief!!!  Today the Chief was announced as the permanent Chief here in the town of Mammoth Lakes!!!  Guess we're going to be here for awhile!!!


  1. I am swooning over that car (and that coming from a person who views her car as simply transportation with leather seats)! The original color has been beautifully restored and I love your photos of the detail

    Congrats on having a snowblower and on the Chief's appointment - yay! All hail the Chief!!


  2. Thank you Genie!!! And I know the Chief thanks you!!!
    It's been snowing almost non stop since Wed...sooo glad for snow tires!!!

  3. yippie on the snow tires and the Chief's appointment. Settle in and enjoy! LOVE the car pix!

    am hoping that the clouds lift near me so *I* can get some snow pics...yes, snow in NorCal...go figure!

    wv: etputpaw...from Miss Daisy "Mooom, et put paw in the poooo, clean me up please?!".

  4. LOL Trish...your wv is not far off from Daisy's experiences of late!!! We have blue sky right now, but are expecting "severe" weather tonght!!! Better get to the grocery store before the weather storm and the people storm for this weekend!!!

  5. I'm with Genie. The car is fantastic, but I have to say I might be falling for the color most of all.

  6. It's a pretty cool color Margaret!!!

  7. Congratulations to you and the Chief. I'm glad to hear Mammoth has its priorities straight.

  8. Thanks Petrea!!! It's nice to feel a bit settled!!! Now we know we're going to be here awhile and really get settled!!!

  9. Excellent shots. I just love the color. You don't see that anymore.

  10. Thanks Randy!!! And glad you came by for a visit!!! Love your Santa Fe blog...very nice pics!!!

  11. Just SUPERB!
    Both the colors/light/shadows and the car itself.

  12. Thank you so much Gunn!!! And thanks for stopping by and visiting!!!