Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Isn't that the Hubbard Glacier???'s....

...our deck!!!

and the Chief is working hard to get rid of all that piled up snow!!!

FYI...My Photographic Journey blog is back online...
If you're here!!!


  1. Justine...That's about 1/3 what was on our deck after the December storm!!!

    Welcome Kate!!! I imagine that Minnesota is a bit colder...the advantage of Mammoth is that when it's not snowing, the sun's shining!!! And even though it might be in the 30's, it feels much warmer!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

  2. glad you can put the Chief to work! we may need him here soon!

    we're supposed to get snow around us this may not be shovel worthy, but snow @less than 500ft...brrr!

    or, as my friend in NV did, teach the dogs to attack the snow?

  3. Wow Trish...snow at 500ft??? Whew...cold!!!

  4. Are you absolutely certain the Hubbard Glacier hasn't migrated to your deck?! The inquiring mind of «Louis la Vache» wants to know!

  5. Wow. It might rain tomorrow. We're all a tremble.

  6. It's supposed to snow here today...right now it's blowing up a storm, and the clouds are starting to must be on it's way!!!

  7. Chieftess...supposed to snow here tonight're getting our blow off I think...hang on to your hat! If we get more than ice, I'll post some pics!

  8. Well, it's blowin and snowin right now! And I have to trek on down to Bishop to take Miss Daisy to the vet...yuck!!! Then we drive to LA tonight...double yuck!!!