Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Crystal Clear... snowed again!!!

Yay!!!  Another 12 inches or so!!!  

I think I'm turning into a local...I went to the Dr, the grocery store, and the pet store during the worst of home, couldn't get into the driveway because the berm from the snow plow was too big...the neighbor graciously used his snow blower to level the berm...I pulled in and all was well!!!


  1. LOL - I hear you! We have more snow than we need over here too...

  2. Who knows, Louis, who knows???

    This snowstorm was definitely needed Lady Fi!!!

  3. You and Petrea are--photographically at least--on the same wavelength today.

  4. I know Margaret! What's funny, is that I have a very similar picture to Petrea's in my archives that I took of raindrops on my sunroof from inside my car!!! But I don't think mine had little mini pictures of me in them!!!

  5. Beautiful!! I think I'm actually jealous. We have NOT been having our usual 65+ weather. Pretty chilly here in Laguna Beach. Miss you guys.

    P.S. Loved your Valentine pictures :-)

  6. Thanks Diane...I think I'm sorry you've been chillier than normal...but what can I say? We're going to have temps at 32 and below all week...

    I hope it warms up for you!!! And thanks about the Valentine pics!!! See you this summer!!!