Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reflecting back...

Weekend Reflections

Lake Topaz, California

With all the snowfall these past few days, it's given me time to review photos and see what I may have missed as a post...this is one of those photos.

On our way to Reno, Nevada, the Chief and I stopped at a few spots along the way...Lake Topaz being one of them...the surface of the water was like glass...and the reflection...perfect!!!

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  1. oh I would love to be there right now just sitting thinking, perfect!

  2. I always imagine Nevada as a desert, dry and warm, with sand everywhere!Now I'll change my mind! this view is so gorgeous!

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  5. Darn it!!! Did it again!!!

    Ooops...shouldn't have posted that comment without proofreading first!!!

    Bundle up Justine and's COLD up there!!!

    Malyss.....Reno, Carson City and between are all situated at the base of the Eastern Sierra Nevada range on the western most side of the state, only about 45 mins from Tahoe and are technically considered high desert...not the sandy desert you're thinking of...the border of California and Nevada actually goes right through the middle of Lake Topaz...the whole area is gorgeous country...pine trees, rolling foothills up against a magnificent mountain range, etc, etc...definitely a wonderful area to visit!!!

  6. By George!!! The third time's the charm!!!

  7. I think that's my favorite photo of yours ever. And that's saying something!

  8. Thank you Randy!!! Glad to have you visit again!!!

  9. Wow - this is superb!