Monday, February 21, 2011

There's something very peaceful about snow...

This past week we experienced the second "big" snow storm of this winter...Not nearly as rugged a storm as the December storm...instead, just steady, beautiful snow...
the results...
Peace and quiet...

Until you hit the slopes on one of the biggest weekends of the season!!!

I went skiing again today...not nearly as successful as my first was was was knees hurt...
Ah well...back home...Advil...a little wine and good dinner...
(prepared by our wonderful houseguest, Kimberly)
now for a hot shower...
Heading back up tomorrow...
I'm taking Advil before I go up!!!


  1. I have only ever been on skis once in my life, I think I would need more than advil afterwards! hope you are feeling better today, love this shot in black and white.

  2. The last time I was on skis, I got to ride down on the sled with the cute ski patrol dude... Yes, take the Advil before you go - hah! Oh, and be careful...

    Your photo is divine!


  3. I could ski before I could walk, but crowds -- yuck.

  4. You caught me Justine!!! Advil, a little wine with dinner, ice, and msm cream on my knees before bed...much better today!!! Will be heading up shortly!!!

    Ahhh Genie!!! Leave it to you, girl, to get a ride with the cute ski patrolers!!!

    I'm jealous Hiker!!! It's a bit daunting trying to make my way down the slope with knees that just aren't cooperating like they used to...and then seeing these little tykes, about a foot high whizzing on down past me!!! Of course, I have to remind myself they don't have as far to fall and their bones are made of rubber at that age!!!

  5. beautiful shot.

    I have to agree about the knees...nothing quite like being 6 and whizzing by everyone, knowing that you bounce better than the folks who are 6x your age and up.

    we have a project at our congregation each fall. I spend 3 hours on kneepads crawling around. Even with meds I can't walk for a week! I think G-d had a great design for bendable parts...wish He'd have given us a better warranty on them!

  6. GIrl, you know I don't know nuttin' about no skiing. Sounds hard to do and too damn cold. I'd stay in with Daisy.

  7. Trish...yesterday's excursion on the slopes nearly did me in...after 30+ years of no skiing and only 1 ski afternoon of limited duration and skill level, I unknowingly (my bad!) ended up on an advanced intermediate slope...before we got down to the areas that I could handle, my knees and legs were complaining mightily!!! Today, I found the perfect run...nice slop, nice length, relatively easy (advanced beginner!) and was too tired to enjoy the run...ah at least I know my run!!!

    Today, Virginia, I was wishing I was home with Miss Daisy!!! When I went skiing the first time with the instructors for Disabled Sports of Eastern Sierras they were telling me that some companion dogs actually go on the lifts with their owners...I couldn't imagine Miss Daisy making it to the top on one of those....yikes!!!

  8. I'm with you, Virginia. We'll stay home with Daisy and have a cocktail. I made a decision 35 years ago not to take up skiing because it's expensive, you have to stand in lines, it's wet and cold, and there's substantial risk of serious injury. The only thing that's changed is that it's more expensive, the lines are longer, you still get wet and cold, and at our age, the risk of injury is even greater. My job is to take the Chieftess to the Lodge and pick her up when she's done. I'll stick with that.

  9. And he does a mighty fine job of that!!!

  10. Chieftess...years ago I was on a girl scout trip to Big Bear to ski (with a back injury at the time, but we won't get into that). We were going to stay on the bunny slopes, but were getting bored. So we hopped on a lift we thought just took us over one hill. Well, yes, over one hill and TO THE TOP. No offs, ons only. OMFG! We only knew how to snowplow! Oh, and I wasn't supposed to fall (back injury). So we snowplowed (OMG, hips and knees hurt!). Finally hit a mogul hill...about to take our skiis off and patrol helped us. I got to the bottom, took my skiis off and went inside to get cocoa. That was decades ago...haven't been back. XC, yes, but not downhill.

    glad the Chief knows how to pick you up...sounds like fun!

  11. Wonderful
    thank you for sharing