Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"F" is For FUN!!!

How FUN would it be to be a kid again and ride on this Fabulous Harley?!!!

Imagine yourself a kid again...pretending to be riding down the highway with your hair Flying and Filled with that sense of Fearless wonder that kids so easily Find in their everyday world.

Perhaps you'll Fly by a grove of trees...Faded from the winter cold...imagining that there is a world of Faeries beyond the trees, if only you could Find the portal...

Then...just as you're about to pass the imagine a Feckless gnome darting out onto the road.  He looks Familiar...and yet...not...
The gnome begins to laugh as if he's heard the Funniest joke or story...he Falls down on his Fanny which causes him to laugh even louder...he gets up...Flashes a big grin...and Follows a path across the he approaches the grove, he sees a group of little to the path is a Fawn that allows the gnome to climb on his back and ride off into the grove with the little Folk...

Ahhhh...but that's all Falderol...after all...
you're an adult...
and gnomes and Faeries are from the world of yesterday and Fantasy...

Thank you for joining me on my Foray into Fantasy!!!

For mor interpretations of the letter "F" here!!!

FYI... my Photographic Journey site is back online!!!  I've reconnected photo files and plan on posting about once a week!  To see the second half of our visit in Ephesus, Turkey,  click here!!!


  1. wonderful foray into fantasy! would love to ride that bike and walk in your beautiful black and white shot.

  2. thank you Justine!!! That little Harley was just as cute as could be!!! I wanted to ride it right then and there!!!

  3. You are FUNNY with all capital letters, K! That little Harley is just too cute, and I probably couldn't crash and get hurt on that one!


  4. The biggest danger on this little Harley would be staying on!!! It's so small, it would be hard to even sit on it!!!

  5. Kathyrn:

    thanks for stopping by. Photography has been my hobby for nearly 50 years. Right now I am playing around with HDR and I found a FREEware which seems to work just fine. Lots of controls and settings.

    enjoy . . .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  6. Oh, don't tempt me with F words. You know when it comes to no self control, I go from zero to 60 in 1.5 seconds.

  7. Thanks for the tip Bob!!! And glad you stopped by here too!!!

    Ahhhh...Hiker...I can just imagine you on the back of that Harley going from zero to 60 in 1.5 seconds shouting wonderfully prolific "F" words!!!!