Saturday, February 5, 2011

What do you do when you left your camera at home???

Soooo...Daisy and I drove to Bishop the other day, and I didn't take my camera...I was enjoying the afternoon and decided to take a drive around the outskirts of Bishop...Daisy, of course, was all in favor of the extended excursion.
I decided to check out the housing development that I've seen numerous times while driving from Bishop to know, the one on the left of 395 just as you're starting the uphill grade?
Well...I took the wrong turnoff and ended up on several beautiful country roads...with cows and trees and fences and old buildings...but no camera!!!

But I did have my Droid!!!  
8 mg pixels to my Nikon with only 6!!!  

Go figure...

The hard part is keeping the darned thing steady!!!


  1. I like the light tint on the mountains.

  2. That's why they call those phones "smart."

  3. Thanks Abe, and welcome!!! Those are the White Mountains and have been the topic of photography discussions the past two days, for the very light you mention here!!!

    I think you're right Petrea!!!