Monday, February 28, 2011

Dorothy...we're not in Mammoth anymore...

At least, not this week!!!

It's time for the California Police Chiefs Conference!!!
Are you catching the underlying theme here??? 

I love driving to Bishop for our local shopping destination at KMART...
BUT....we're talking Nordstrom's now!!!!


  1. Can't wait to hear all about this...the shopping I mean.

  2. Ha! when I worked as a waitress at Tiny Naylors in Glendale, we had a policy of charging law enforcement 1/2 price. If they ordered a heavy desert after burgers and fries, I would return to the table with a jello cup. They didn't argue it

    I should have taken my own advise

  3. I'm off to Nordstrom's !!!

    Haha!!! PA!!! I should take that advice too!!!

  4. Phew. For a minute I thought you were in the pokey.

  5. never know what you miss until you can't do it without a long drive or a day of driving!

    when we used to go to our cabin near Big Bear, a "big trip" was into BB to the Kmart, civilization!

    happy shopping, schmoozing and real restaurants!

    and, as it flurried here this weekend, I thought of you buried in I don't feel so bad...knowing you're dth, shopping! ;-)

  6. Margaret...Well, I managed to stay out of the pokey...but am sure enjoying seeing all kinds of men in uniform!!!

    Well Trish and Virginia...I got my fill of mall shopping today!!! Never have been a fan...but it's amazing how much more congested everything is now that we're used to the pristine reclusiveness of the mountains!!! Traffic...lot's of people in the stores...huge mall to walk around in and get lost in...what was I thinking??? Oh yeah...must have something to do with what I brought back in the bags!!!

  7. Oh Margaret, I sense an elaborate cover up.

  8. lol...I feel your pain. When I was in LA in January I noticed the same thing---too many people, too much traffic and I can take or leave shopping, except letting my fingers do the walking thru www dot something.

    and it is always nice to see people who fill out uniforms well. my "sympathies" for you *having* to watch all that! ;-)

    wv: koppirdi....I can see it now, you're watching the folks file on by in uniform...koppir, di, koppir, di, koppir di