Friday, February 11, 2011

She's a Flying Lady...

or, if you prefer, a flying Goddess...

...hood ornament, that is!!!

Initially, the hood ornament started out as a temperature gauge which was mounted on the external radiator caps.  Eventually, they began to create designs to hide the gauge.  When the gauges made their way onto the dashboard of the car, the hood ornament came into being...
The flying lady or goddess was a very popular design with versions on the Buick, DeSoto, Plymouth, Packard, Oldsmobile, Studebaker, and Graham.  Not to forget..the classic Rolls Royce's Spirit of Ecstasy.  
Some of the luxury cars went so far as to have Louis Lejeune of London or Rene Lalique of France manufacture fine art hood ornaments.  

Can you guess what make and model this car is???

I'm sure the Chief will be happy to fill you in...

The car is one of 3 old cars off to the side of Eric Schat's World Famous Bakery in Bishop, California...
on the way to Mammoth, most everyone stops at Schat's!!!
Love that asiago cheese bread!!!

(Laurie...So Pas isn't the only place you can find old cars!!!)


  1. wow she is beautiful! I would like one of those too. Like your new watermark, very smart.

  2. I didn't know Mary Kay has been around since 1956.

  3. She is gorgeous isn't she, Justine!!!

    Gunn...It definitely would be stylin' to be driving her along Hwy 395, top down, radio playin' some oldies but goodies!!!

    Hmmmm...I think we'll have to check with Doryce about Mary Kay!!!

  4. Especially with a big nasty red head (or blonde) by my side.

  5. Okay, a big nasty blonde by my side.

  6. Sing it Aretha Honey!!!!!

  7. Now, that's stylin'!!! Ridin' on the Freeway of Love in the pink cadillac with Aretha and Randy and that big nasty blonde (Daisy of course!)...headin' for LA!!!

  8. It's a bit too early for Mary Kay...according to Doryce...Mary Kay began in about the 70's!!!

  9. I say DB's original comment is the jewel in this crown. Next to that picture on top, anyway.

  10. Wow, I just saw your temperature gadget -- "31 degrees in Mammoth. Also says: Feels like: 31 degrees. Or colder than a well digger's ass."

  11. Don't believe it Hiker!!! My outside gauge in my car said 41 degrees about two hours ago!!! It's been incredibly warm up here for the past two months..(and dry)...
    We're expecting (hoping) for snow next week!!!

  12. I especially like her in pink, Lady Fi!!!

  13. so....what is it?

    There was some car in this time zone that was made to appeal to women. Could this be it?

  14. PA...We think she's a 1956 Cadillac Serie 62 Convertible...based on a comparison of pics to pics on

    Don't know if this was designed to appeal to women, but it certainly appeals to me!!!

  15. I L O V E this One tooo!!!!
    Great colour, great style ;-)
    Would give a lot for dricing this car!

  16. Thanks Elisabeth!!! It definitely would be fun to go for a drive up 395 with the radio blasting and the hair blowing in the wind!!! Do you think these old cars have xm radio???

  17. I´ve no idea at all, but for some guys that woudn´t be a big deal, I guess. At least on the back seat, and the party will start by turning the key ;-)
    would that be great? It would!!!!!