Monday, April 4, 2011

The Bear Whisperer's Back!!!

Ever wonder how to deal with a bear trying to get in your trash container or your restaurant kitchen???

Just call the Bear Whisperer!!!

That is, if you happen to live in Mammoth Lakes, CA...

Check out the Bear Whisperer on Animal Planet

Thursday night, April 7, 8pm, 11pm, 1pm 
Pacific Time


  1. Now here is something rarely seen in urban settings. Yogi Bear has once again outsmarted Ranger Smith.

  2. I am glad that you do not get any closer to Mr. Bear. I love wildlife and the excitement of the surprise, but have a healthy respect for their "wild-ness."


  3. Yogi visits my hood as well. The dogs go insane, but he doesn't care, not if there's tasty trash to be had.

  4. Welcome Rob!!! We've got a lot of Yogi's up here!!! Ranger Marty and The Chief came by shortly after this and Mr Bear found refuge in a nearby tree...

    Hi Genie!!! I was closer than this looks!!! Of course I didn't have my camera...this is my Droid phone! And, of course, when I saw him poking his nose at the kitchen window, thinking about how he could get in...I called The Chief to tell him...and...that's when he stood up on his hind legs next to the dumpster...missed the best shot!!!

  5. Hiker...The Bear Whisperer is a guy up here who contracts with the city to "re-educate" the bears who begin to rely on trash and home break ins for their food...We saw a preview of the show last night and it's really interesting. Being in bear country...I know there's always a possibility of a bear in the trash, breaking in the house, the garage, the car....etc...etc...Check it out!!!

  6. I forgot to mention the most important part of the Bear Whisperer show on Thursday...The Chief is interviewed on the show!!!

  7. And to think we complain about foxes and seagulls here.

  8. Alas, we don't have cable, but it sounds like a hoot.

  9. we've had the Whisperer on since dinner...Chief looked good, as did Steve. Ace reminds me of the bear that broke into our cabin on San G years ago...young and stupid and annoying.

    It is amazing what you can do if you listen to the animals, if you command respect and if you respect the beings in your presence. It is what I do with dogs and most animals---if you listen hard enough, you know what's going on with them. Am glad the Chief supports Steve's work--so much more humane than just shooting anything that gets close to town.


  10. I know Linda! This is a first for me!!!

    Sorry you'll miss it Margaret!! It's actually quite interesting...and of course, there's the Chief!!!

    I've got it on now Trish!!! I agree about how to work with animals too! It works wonders...of course, one of the problems we have here is so many people either think they're cute and let them get away with things they shouldn't or they leave their garbage/food out and tempt the bears...But Steve (TheBearWhisperer) is on the job!!!

  11. Kathy---oh, you mean, like my father's g/f who decided to try to feed birds and squirrels BY HAND on the cabin porch? yeah.

    was impressed by the people who had awe and respect for the bears, but didn't want to get close to with other natural wonders, it is the way to go.

  12. I learned something interesting watching the preview the other day and during a question and answer period with Steve...he said that birdseed is like Crack Cocaine for the bears! It attracts them more than garbage even...apparently it's very nutritious...probably more like their natural diet, and readily bird watchers beware up here!!!

  13. We learned about bird seed YEARS ago at the cabin when a bear probably a bit bigger than Ace tried to break in. When he didn't get enough fat from the kitchen window, he tried to go around to the wall cooler on the side...cleaned the bird feeder spit-shine clean, then leaned on it to try and aim at the cooler above...but the little bird feeder was built for birds, not bears...and he fell, ran off. Never heard feed called crack like Steve termed it, but it makes sense. And just because it is hanging high up---doesn't mean the little boogers won't find a way to the feeder.