Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where the heck am I???

So if we're not overlooking the ocean...

Does this mean we're entering Alabama???

Virginia???  How do I get B'ham???


  1. Just answering your question ;-)
    If you don´t know! :-))))))))))))))

    Greetings from Spring

  2. Darlin I wish you were coming my way. Head that car south and keep drivin! :)

  3. Thanks Elisabeth!!!

    Me too Virginia!!! I'm planning out a road trip in my head...I'm thinking after the Chief retires...we'll take a few weeks or more!!!

  4. My, that doesn't look like B'Ham. Tell the Chief, I've studied the video and I think the golden, not the blond, is the guilty party. Key pieces of evidence were overlooked.

  5. wow, you're getting around! ocean, then Bama...what next, London, France?

    wv: chery...well, not quite cherry, not quite cheery either...

  6. Hey...I looked your link to the 2009 Poppy spectacular. NICE! Looks like you hit is in full bloom. And I so recognize the view of the mountains in the distance...that's where Ian flies over.

  7. The Chief will review the evidence and get back to you Hiker!

    Hmmmm....London, France...perhaps I could catch up with Genie and M???

    Tash...the weekend I went was a matter of fact, the Sunday Times had almost the exact photo as mine on the front page the sunday after I was there!!! What a difference a season can make...I was really surprised to see your shot with how few poppies there were...I guess it's been cold and wet...not necessarily good poppy weather...but perhaps they'll burst forth in the next month!!!