Friday, April 22, 2011

Skywatch Friday

"Nature is the art of God."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm heading south for Easter and the following week...
Please enjoy my postings for the week and I will comment when I can...


  1. Nice sky!

    Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  2. Gorgeous capture and a lovely sky. Happy skywatching!

  3. Mountain range forms the perfect backdrop for the sky!

    Visiting via Skywatch...

  4. Beautiful sky! And lovely words by Mr. Emerson. Hope you have a safe trip this weekend :-D

  5. Exquisite, my friend! I hope you enjoy your trip... I just returned from mine so we will catch up when you return. Safe travels and may you always see God's art in nature. Happy Easter!

  6. Thank you Amiko, and may you as well have a wonderful Easter! And welcome!!!

    Thank you EileeninMD!!!

    Welcome Vaish Vijay!!! Thank you for visiting!

    thank you Kaori! I've truly become to fully agree with Emerson since coming up here to God' country to live!!!

    Thank you Genie! So glad you're back safe and sound and at least partially satiated in your hunger for Paris!!!

  7. And, quite an artist he is. Lovely scene of the mountains and a beautiful sky. Mickie :) Happy Easter

  8. You make me blush Petrea!

    Thank you LauraX!!! And welcome! So glad you came by to visit and comment!

    Thank you Hiker!

    I agree Mickie! The camera merely captures a moment in time of God's artistry with nature!!!