Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bear Whisperer....Tonight!!!

Be sure to watch The Bear Whisperer tonight on Animal Planet...
Check your local listings for times!!!
(Look for the episode titled Big, Bad, and Bold)

Featuring the Mammoth Lakes Bears, our very own Bear Whisperer
and not to be missed...The Chief and his crew!!!


  1. We have woods, but no bears... Which I think is a shame, bit like wolves, most people never see them. Unlike you, well spotted.

  2. That is too close for comfort! Already trembling before the episode starts ;D

  3. Wow - that IS very close! A shame I will miss the program.

  4. Is that the old man?

    Now that I know where you are I shall try to be a regular reader. I feel sure I tried to pin you down a year or so ago when I first noticed you on Hikers blog. But did not realise you had a CDPB. Maybe I was just 'tired' that day.

    How do you do Nice to make your acquaintance ...

  5. Thank you Paul! She was simply ambling up the road when I spotted her!

    One of the things that I've learned from The Bear Whisperer is that black bears are not particularly aggressive towards in Mammoth we live in concert with the least most of the time...occasionally a bear gets too reliant on human food and becomes a problem breaking into homes to raid the refrigerators and pantries! Still, I wouldn't want to be this close without being in a car!!!

    Thanks for visiting LadyFi!!!

    Nah, Julie...just an ol' bear!!!
    Glad you found me!!! Welcome!!! And thank you for commenting!
    Nice to meet your acquaintance too!!!

  6. No no. I have tons of time here in Paris. More than I have at home!! This is one of the reasons I have come to Paris for so long. To carve out time for reading and writing, as well as blogging and photography.

    I am just wandering around as though I live here. Trying not to act or look like a tourist, eg have a shopping caddie to carry my bakpak and camera. Together with my walking stick, I get by quite readily as an old eccentric French woman. I was wandering through Montparnesse Cemetery this arvo and every other old woman there wanted to start up a conversation with me!! I came home exhausted ...

  7. Sounds like the BEST way to spend time in Paris!!!

  8. Still love your postings, though I would not comment recently!

    Looks like there will be spring there soon in your header?

    Greetings from Austria

  9. Glad you were able to stop by Elisabeth!!! Actually, the banner photo was taken in Bishop which is down the mountain from us...we're at 8000' elevation and Bishop is at about 4000'. So their winter is much milder than ours and spring starts much sooner!!! We're just beginning to see some leaf buds, but it's snowing again today too!!!

  10. wow that is scarily close! great capture!

  11. I can thank the dear Lord for Zoom lenses on this one!!!

  12. You are leading an interesting new life my dear! :)

  13. Well thank ya' Ms V!!! I couldn't agree more!!!

  14. No way is the Chief on the Bear Whisperer!? I wish we could download here, but not possible with intl. tv rights, etc. I'll have to catch it when we get home. Are they now doing a series? teri

  15. They've got 3 hour long episodes this season, and are negotiating for more next season...

    Yep...the Chief is in two of them!!! And of course, lot's of the guys and gal from the department...

    The last season ran repeats during the summer so most likely, you'll get to catch one or two when you get back!!!