Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Sure Sign of Spring...

Leaf buds on the branch tips and a Robin Red Breast...

Surely Spring must be around just the corner!!!

A little history... get this photo...I drove to Convict Lake....and of course, I pushed the envelope.
I drove over a patch of snow on the road that was a bit questionable, even for the red snowmobile...
I got across just fine...walked a fair bit to the end of the road and caught some pics of the trees budding and yes...the red robin. make a long story even longer...
I went back to the snowmobile and noticed that the patch of snow I crossed had captured a similar vehicle and was keeping it hostage.
I approached the folks...very nice...with an Australian accent...and of course, in flip flops and shorts..
and they were undeniably stuck.
Wheels spun, and their little Honda stood still.
We shoveled...we got boards, and weeds, and chains and tried to provide a grip for those darn tires (obviously not snow tires!)
And movement...
Fortunately...there was a larger and more experienced vehicle on my side of the snow patch with a tow cable and the where-with-all to pull the Honda out...
All is well...the Honda pulled out (of course, on my side of the snow patch)...we placed some boards in the tire tread paths to elevate the Honda's chasis and both the Honda and the red snowmobile got out safe and sound!!!  (I'm sure the red snow mobile would have made it without all the fuss!)
Now you might ask...why didn't she call The Chief???
No bars...and I don't mean for drinking!!!


  1. Love the bare branches and that bird...

  2. Looks like he's singing his heart out.

  3. We've got Robins too but I'm sure they think they must have taken a wrong turn somewhere;)

  4. I miss Robins, we don't have them here. Oh and I love your second photo, too! How great is that! ;D

  5. I dunno Hiker...I think he might have been warning me to get back to the red snow mobile before the Honda got stuck!!!

    I know what you mean Linda!!! Kind of like what that poor little calf was thinking when he/she landed on that cold, cold ground!!!

    Thank you Kaori!!! I'm surprised that you don't have Robins in Japan...I've never really thought about different birds in different lands...guess I have re: parrots and cockatiels...but they're so exotic! I would think that a Robin would be common place in like climates...are we at a similar latitude???