Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"M" is for....

You guessed it!!!  "M" is for Mammoth!!!

Most of you know that last May The Chief interviewed for the Chief's position here in Mammoth Lakes and was offered the position.  Now, what you probably DON'T know is that The Chief...had never before been to Mammoth!!!   Yes he grew up in Southern California (Mammoth is really a suburb of LA), yes, he went to USC where everyone skied Mammoth, yes, he drove past Mammoth on his way to go hunting...but never...had he been to Mammoth before his interview!!!

When we got up here, he fell in love...he accepted the position...and...well...the rest is history!!!

YAY!!! We Moved to Mammoth!!!
And started our grand new adventure!!!

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  1. hee hee...
    You couldn't have picked a more appropriate subject for M.

  2. Great story! And what a super cool photo of the mammoth up close! ;D

  3. Yeah was kind of a given!!! Thanks!!!

    Thank you Kaori! It's a pretty cool monument!!!

  4. massive monstrosity muchly maligned.

    glad y'all landed in mammoth!

  5. Mama! Those are some marvelous molars.