Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Golly!!!

It's ABC Wednesday and the letter is "O"!

Oliver, (the duck) is not Obliged to follow directions...

I'm heading south for Easter and the following week...
Please enjoy my postings for the week and I will comment when I can...


  1. Thanks so much for this - don't you love the way ABC Wednesday takes us all round the world....and we meet such interesting characters! lol!

    ABC Team

  2. hope the duck helps with the work.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Can that duck read????

    Cute entry for the "O" letter!

  4. proof positive that hunting ducks with a sledgehammer is not fruitful!

    tho I do wonder what that boot is and how Oliver might have used the sledge to get the boot off his webs!?

  5. I agree MrsNesbitt!!!

    I think the duck was more concerned about his appearance than any work Rog!!!

    He had his own authorization Steffe!

    Thanks Wanda!!!

    I think Oliver the duck is quite ingenious Trish...he had it all figured out!!!

  6. Hahahah. That's a wonderful story of a photo.

  7. In honor of your Irish O'Duck, I had a tasty duck burrito at Roberto's for dinner tonight.

  8. Glad I found this blog, the Eastern Sierra is my second home though no days I hang out farther north at Virginia Lakes.

  9. I agree MsBurrito!! Blogging is definitely addictive!!!

    Thanks Su-sieeMac!!!

    Hopefully your duck burrito had no connection to Oliver the duck DB!!!

    Let me know next time you're hanging out in the Eastern Sierras Martha Z!!!