Monday, April 18, 2011

New Friends...and a lot of laughs!!!

Bingo anyone???

The Mammoth Lakes Women's Club sponsored a rabble rousing Bingo game fundraiser tonight!!!
New friends...lot's of good food and yes, a few spirits...and lot's of laughter!!!!

Joanne came away with a new Easter hat, or if she prefers...a new Derby hat...
which if you look really close...
you just might see the extra something special that came on it!!!  
(hint...Benjamin Franklin's picture is on it!!!)


  1. What fun to have a fund-raiser with friends. Hope everyone wore an Easter bonnet. I maxed the photo and found the bill!! Nice! Re. Donna Leon: begin with her first novel, Death at La Fenice to get an intro to the main characters and the family...she's a great read!!

  2. what a great idea, I love bingo!

  3. Thanks for following my EAGAN daily photo blog!
    Cheers from Minnesota

  4. Is she a derby girl?! My parents go to the derby every year.... And leave me at home though. They actually aren't going this year though, things didn't work out with my sisters and I's babysitter.

  5. No Kate...the only Easter bonnet was the one Joanne won!!! I'll have to check out the Donna Leon books!!!

    It was fun Justine!!!

    Nice to "chat" with you about Rotary Leif!!!

    I don't think she's a derby girl Rip...that is one event that's on my "bucket list"!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

  6. A perfect hat for William and Kate's wedding in England! :o)

  7. Absolutely Malyss!!! She'd be totally in style!!!