Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you know...

Do you know that...
                least 364 movies and tv series have been filmed in the
                            Alabama Hills outside of Lone Pine on Hwy 395?

                         ...while most of the movies and tv series filmed near Lone Pine
                            were Westerns, many other genres have been filmed there
                            including science fiction, comedies, historical dramas, etc...

                         ...actors who have filmed there include such actors as Fatty Arbuckle,
                            Tom Mix, John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Tony Curtis, Randolph Scott,
                            Maureen O'Hara, Kirk Douglas, Roy Rogers, Noah Beery Jr.,
                            Elizabeth Montgomery, Gene Autrey, Spencer Tracy, Roddy
                            McDowall, Vincent Price, William Shatner, Steve McQueen,
                            Pat O'Brien, Joel McCrea, Eric Estrada, Whoopie Goldberg,
                            Mary Pickford, Audie Murphy, John Travolta, Henry Fonda...
                            to name just a few!!!
                         ...some movies and tv series you might recognize are...
                            Around the World in 80 Days, Gunga Din, Broken Arrow,
                            Chaplin, Gladiator, Charge of the Light Brigade, 
                            Maverick, HopAlong Cassidy, The Roy Rogers Show,
                            the Flinstone movie, North to Alaska, Nevada Smith, Nevada,
                            The Cowboy and the Lady, Farewell to Manzanar, GI Jane,
                            Star Trek V, Star Trek VII (the Next Generation), Ironman,
                            The Great Race, Hell Bent for Leather, Tarzan's Desert Mystery,
                            High Sierra, and Rawhide...again, to name just a few...

                         ...a Russian born man named Nuta Kotlyarenko became famous as
                            Nudie, the first tailor to put rhinestone's on clothing and the
                            creator/owner of Nudie's Rodeo Tailors...he also outfitted cars!!!

                         ...that for a full listing of films shot in the Alabama Hills outside of
                            Lone Pine, click here...

...all this and more is what you will learn about if you stop in at the 
located in Lone Pine on Highway 395


  1. This is a fun and informative post. You've really taken me back to youthful Saturdays!

    I love all the angles in your photo - reaching high.

  2. such a strong feels deeply nostalgic.

  3. What a cool place! I LOVE John Travolta. And you just gave me a whole lot of movies I now want to see again ;D

  4. You do get around. (And Cowboy and the Lady? That means Gary Cooper was here.)

  5. Thank you Dragonstar! I've seen this museum every time I've driven from Mammoth to LA and back again and haven't had time to stop...yesterday I just took the time and drove on down there!!! It was a fun afternoon!

    Thank you was definitely nostalgic!

    Very fun Kaori!!! Years ago I went to the Gruene Hall where John Travolta danced in the bar scene of the movie Michael Talk about nostalgic!!!

    Damn!!! I knew I forgot an actor I really liked in my list!!! You'd love this place Hiker!!!

  6. Oh, drool. I've actually spent a night in Lone Pine, but I didn't know what a historical jewel it was when I was there. All that nature around it was pretty obvious, though.

  7. Lone Pine is a historical jewel and a charming town Petrea!!! I've always liked driving through it...and have thought of staying there too!

  8. Did you know the mid century architect Richard Nuetra designed a house in Lone Pine that the actress Kelly Lynch and her husband restored?

    I'd like to explore the Alabama Hills sometime...and stop at Manzanar too.

  9. No...I didn't PA!!! Do you know where??? Let me know when you plan to venture this way and I'll meet you!!!

  10. The Oyler House is at 771 Thundercloud Lane in Lone Pine (I just know about it).

    I will drop in on you. Here is a link to Bartlett Training Center in Hammll Valley. I grew up with Ellen. They and extended family are fixtures in the area. Maybe I'll bring her with me.

  11. A horsewoman!!! Another facet of you PA!!! Just let me know when you're headed this way!!!

  12. I knew none of this, and I am happy to be enlightened.

  13. So glad to help Margaret!!! I was especially fascinated by Nudie's Rodeo Tailors...just the name got me!!!

  14. Check out some of Nudie's cars!!!

  15. As i'm a great US movies addict, I like this post very much! sooooo interesting!

  16. Malyss...If your travels bring you to California...keep our valley and Mammoth Lakes in mind!!!