Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Joined at the Hip...

Twin trees...
Conjoined trees...
I'm curious...
I'm old enough to remember when conjoined twins were called Siamese twins...
how did that reference ever come about???  
If ever there was a politically incorrect term...this one would have to be it...
Sooo...of course I had to google it!

"The most famous pair of conjoined twins was Chan and Enk Bunker...(1811-1874),
Thai brothers born in Siam, now Thailand.  They travelled with P.T. Barnum's circus for many
years and were billed as the Siamese Twins.  Chang and Eng were joined by a band of flesh,
cartilage, and their fused livers at the torso.  In modern times, they could have been easily separated.
Due to the brothers' fame and the rarity of the condition, the term "Siamese twins" came to be used as
a synonym for conjoined twins."
Wikepedia...Conjoined Twins

While looking this up, I read more about Chang and Eng...
for instance...did you know that Chang had 10 children and Eng had 12???
They were married to sisters...
Chang to Adelaide Yates and Eng to Sallie Yates.
An interesting side note to my side note is that the sister's father
objected to the marriages, but not because Chang and Eng were conjoined...
but because they were Asian.
Regardless of their happy unions...throughout the 1900's 
it was thought to be morally reprehensible for conjoined twins to marry
let alone have sex.
When it became possible to separate some conjoined twins, 
some of the reasoning for separation stemmed from thoughts 
about sex...

For a fascinating read on this unusual subject...
check out..
The Sex Lives of Conjoined Twins
The Atlantic 


  1. Amazing how a photo of trees like this led to so much intriguing information. But I still wonder if trees like this have their own special name.

  2. Beautiful photo and thought provoking information.

  3. The tall trees are magnificent, they've been 'together' for a long time Chieftess. It's a fascinating story, you hear quite often of conjoined twins marrying sisters..

  4. Wow, you really researched that! 22 kids between them, that must have been awkward.

    Massively and beautiful trees.

  5. It is always interesting to see where viewing nature takes our minds. I saw a program on PBS about this and I forget the origin of the name. I did know they married and had children, but didn't know why the parents objected.. Interesting post for Nature Notes..thank you for linking in.. Michelle

  6. I remember their being called Siamese twins, too. I read a book long ago about those twins; I still wonder how....

  7. I seem to remember reading that the conjoined twins married to the sisters ended up divorcing because one of the couples that wasn't married had an affair.

  8. Interesting history about the twins and your image...enjoyed the post

  9. It's amazing how the mind can wander Gemma!!!

    Thanks Bayside!!!

    These trees make me wonder how they came to grow apart, after starting out as one...they're definitely not branches!!! I never really thought about conjoined twins and marriage...I've never really thought about conjoined twins much except for when there's been a story in the news about them. Makes the mind wander all the more odd eh???

    I know Woody!!! Kind of boggles the mind!!!

    Thanks Rambling Woods!!! I can honestly say that nature has never caused my rambling mind to go in this or any similar direction!!!

    Yep...I know what you mean Bibi!!!

    Now that's a new twist Hiker!!!

    Thanks Noel!!!

  10. hmmm....quite a bit to ponder over. I am truly amazed at those trees. So majestic.

  11. Tree buddies! Nice shot and like the perspective.

  12. We do live in a strange world, both in nature around us and in our own nature. Thanks for the photo and the history lesson!

  13. Thanks you aspiritofsimplicity!!! I think I'll ponder the trees out back!!!

    Thanks LindaW!!!

    Our world is strange isn't it Betty!!! And one of the strangest is Google!!! Or should I say the internet...I still can't fathom it!!!

  14. I have heard about these two conjoined twins, but not for a very long time. This is a fascinating post, thanks for sharing it. I am thankful that we live in an age where so much more can be done for these children.

  15. Hahaha, your photo is fabulous, but your notes on the Siamese twins more! Thanks for the information about them. Some amusing and hilarious things came to mind! They probably have sex at the same time, or else the other one is always looking! Imagine the so many kids they produced! Unimaginable really! LOL.

  16. I knew some of the story but not that last bit. Fascinating.

  17. About about the trees, there is a name for them:

  18. I agree DeniseinVA!!! I can't imagine having to live my life "joined at the hip" to my sister...are they ever fraternal? I can't imagine!!!

    Thanks Kalantikan!!! It is a bit mind boggling!!!

    As I read the story I realized that I had read the story before too...but not the bit about the kids and family!!!

    That would be inosculation Jean!!! Interesting that this can happen between species!!!

  19. That IS quite amazing, all stemming from your photo of ...trees.

  20. Fascinating history lesson! «Louis» always enjoys learning how terms come to be and he never knew the story behind this one!

  21. Random thoughts Karen!!!

    Thanks << Louis >>!!! I know what you mean about learning where colloquial terms come of the great things about the internet!!!

  22. Wow, this is awesome! I like the angle of your shot!

  23. If I read just once sentence of "Sex Lives of Conjoined Twins" I can almost guarantee I will be late for work.

    This gets my Most Enjoyable Post of the Day award.

  24. thanks Brian...that angle was the only way to get the magnitude of those trees in!!! and still show the joining at the hip!!!

    Haha!!! This comment gets my most enjoyable comment award today!!! Thanks -K-!!!