Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Eagle Eye...

Another little side trip to my Galapagos shots...
This big guy was not at all afraid of the homo sapiens standing 
around gawking at him and shooting pics with those funny looking contraptions.
As a matter of fact...he was quite intrigued by me...
I moved around got closer and closer, clicking away...
he just gave me that Eagle Eye!!!

I'd put the settings up...but it was very overcast and my pics came out quite dark...
I love Lightroom!!!  Just enough tweaking and he's just about right!!!

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  1. Beautiful bird although a bit intimidating to have him eyeing you off!

  2. Tweaking or not you got a fantastic shot.

  3. Deadly if you're small and tasty :) but incredibly beautiful at the same time, brilliant shots here Chieftess.

  4. Awesome shots of this gorgeous bird!

  5. Wonderful profiles of this kingly eagle. And what an arrogant stare.

  6. hee hee...
    We never would have known the shot was originally dark. Fine capture of this magnificent bird!

  7. He's a beauty!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. These are awesome, I love the details in birds feathers. I concur with lightroom, it's amazing without the learning curve of photoshop.

  9. How exciting that had to be. Wow wish they were that easy to get close to around here. One time while visiting California coast, we had a red Tailed Hawk that seemed very happy to accomodate our photography session as well~

  10. it´s a beautiful bird. And what a nice experience to interact with it. :)

  11. Great shots of a majestic bird.

  12. Thanks Mick!! He was actually quite welcoming!!!

    Thanks LOL!

    Glad I'm not small and tasty...!!! Thanks PerthDP!

    Thanks Gunilla!!

    You're absolutely right Gemma...that's a great description of his stare!!!

    I know << Louis >>...I probably should keep all that to myself!!! But I do love Lightroom!!!

    Thanks Gary!!!

    Thanks Margaret!!!

    I totally agree Wayne! Although I really never do stop learning with Lightroom too!!! I use Photoshop Elements only when I want to add text like in my banner photo or need to something really different...but that's not me!!! I like minimal tweaking!!!

    Thanks was really a great experience!

    Thanks James!!!

  13. I agree you have an eagle eye for taking photos.

  14. He's pretty darn majestic. Raptors have a regal quality, don't you think? Thanks for your visit and comment.

  15. Thanks Brian!!! Sorry to say...I don't know a raptor from ??? I'm going to have to look that one up!!!

    Thanks Cafe!!!

    Thanks OaklandDP!!! OK...I looked up Raptors...bird of prey, hunts for prey while in flight, primarily hunts for vertebrate,
    raptor is derived from rapere meaning to "seize or take by force"...yep...sounds like my Eagle!!!

  16. Nice picture - was life possible before Lightroom??!

    I was really pleased to see the budgies - I had only seen them in ones and twos before - there must have been about 25 in the trees where I got this pictures, but most of them were very high up.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Melbourne

  17. Lightroom is such a great program! Except I'm a little disappointed with LR5...they screwed with the spot removal tool and I don't like how it works now...(or doesn't work!)

    Thanks Stewart!!!

  18. Really wonderful shots! So regal.

  19. Awesome bird and fantastic photos!