Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

I think I've mentioned before that we live in a volcanic region...
to be specific...
we live in a volcanic caldera.
But did you know...

...we have a couple of bona fide volcano craters???

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what else?

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  1. Those shots are lovely! You live in a wonderful area.

  2. So beautiful. The water has a wonderful texture.

  3. That emerald green water is very tropical, but I know it so tropical there. Gorgeous view of that big pine

  4. Love the color of the water in your photographs. Yep, we've got lots of volcanos in our neck of the woods. I love hiking around Mt. St. Helens, but Mt. Hood is my favorite.

  5. Thanks LadyFi!!! It's definitely beautiful here!!!

    Thanks Jim!

    Thanks Gary!

    I love that you notice the texture of the water Jean...such an artist's eye!!!

    Definitely not tropical Woody!!! But I'm wondering if the water is a hot spring or not???

    Thanks Linda W!!! I've never been to Mt. St. Helens, but I have been to Mt. Hood...definitely another beautiful spot in the Pacific Northwest!!! I have to admit...I'd be a little nervous at Mt St Helens!!! I get nervous when I actually think about the fact that we live in a volcanic caldera!!!

  6. It was pretty eerie leaning in to get the photo Hiker!!! There's actually a protective railing here...but not around the whole crater...

  7. Beautiful captures and the northwest is indeed a beautiful world!! After 18 years I can't imagine living anywhere else!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week!

  8. Wow that green is dazzling, I love the hike, thanks

    I'm inviting you to join us for Travel Photo Mondays, the link runs all week so I hope you can join us for the next installment?

  9. Wow! Gorgeous country! I love the angle in your first photo!

  10. And all this time I thought CA does not have volcanos:) As long as they're not active, I'm thrilled - this one is beautiful!

  11. Thanks Sylvia!!! I agree...the Northwest is gorgeous!!! I'll admit it...even though I grew up a SoCal girl!!!

    Takk Dirk!!!

    Thanks Noel!!! I linked to your travel mondays!

    Thanks Brian!!!

    Oh yeah...we do!!! The Long Valley Caldera, of which we are a part, was originally formed about 760,000 years ago in a "cataclysmic eruption"...since then, there have continued to be minor eruptions every 200,000 years!!! The last one was about 100,000 years ago...however in the 80's our area was determined to be in a state of "volcanic unrest" and is being closely monitored!

  12. Your world is beautiful...and your pictures do it justice! Heavenly.

  13. Kablooey! I hope you'll have fair warning.

  14. Beautiful first shot Chieftess...leaning over a volcano, or leaning over anything are a braver woman than I :)

  15. can you hike down to the water?

    I remember my Bishop friend's kid telling me, with great glee, about that volcanic unrest. I could not rest after hearing it