Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Little Corner of the World...

"The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass
it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself."
Henry Miller

We needed a little diversion to watching the trees grow here in Mammoth...
so we went to the other side of the Sierras and watched the trees grow there!!!

Now we've been going to Mineral King with friends and family
 every year since I've been with TheChief...
and he and his family have been going there since the 60's...
but in all that time, we never took the route from Exeter to Pearsonville...
through the southern tip of the Sequoia National Forest.

GORGEOUS terrain!!!
As we headed out of Exeter the rolling hills were covered with long brown grass
spotted with trees here and there.  
As we headed into the range, the forest got thicker and thicker...
the roads narrower and windier and steeper...
and rainier...
and thunder...
and lightning...
lot's of it....

Beautiful and well worth the extra two hours of travel time...
but I could have done without the white knuckle effects!!!

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  1. Shame about the weather. This shot - the light - so magical!

  2. Love this photo!
    We spoke about Mineral King, right? I used to go there a lot also. We always went in through the Visalia and Three Rivers.

  3. I'm with laryfi, this is magical!

  4. Great image!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Isn't nature gorgeous. I'm glad you made a new discovery and I can sympathize with your white knuckle trip. Taken a few of them myself. :)

  6. Thanks LadyFi!!! I do love close up and macro photography!!!

    Thanks Pat! Yes...I think we did speak about Mineral King! To get there, we went through Tioga pass and Yosemite then south to Visalia. We were going to take a southern route home anyway, then our friends told us about the route we took.
    We knowingly decided to extend our drive home for the scenic route...we weren't counting on the white knuckle ride!!!

    Thanks Wayne!!!

    Thanks Gary!!!

    Takk Dirk!!!

    Thanks Brian!!!

    The worst part of the drive was that it was such a beautiful drive, the white knuckles took away from the experience!!! Thanks Bayside!!!

    Thanks Mama Zen!!!

  7. Wonderful quote! And I envy you your adventure...with the thunder and rain and lightning! But maybe not the white knuckle effect-a new expression for me which I am going to use in the future-especially during winter when I have to drive in the mointains...with ice...and snow!

  8. It's a great expression Chai and Chardonnay!!! It was a beautiful drive...and the lightning was like a fireworks show!!! If it weren't for the fact that the road was more dangerous with all the rain and debris from the rain, it was a really neat drive!!!

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