Saturday, January 21, 2012

Journey to the Past...

Sooo...last week I posted one of my favorite photos of the tall ships
I kept wanting to post this one too...
Which one do you prefer???

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  1. Hmm. More detail in this one, but last week's had the moon. So hard to decide, as both are so good.

  2. I think I prefer last week's shot, Kathryn. The moon was a lovely counterpoint, but what I really liked about last week's shot was the gradual stepping up of the rigging.

  3. Thanks all! There's definitely something compelling about this one, even though I prefer the first one too...

    Welcome Anna and Robert!!!

    Glad you all stopped by to visit and comment!!!

  4. I think I like the first most, but only because of the moon! Dana Point harbor is right down the street from me!

  5. Thanks for weighing in Pat! I think the first photo won hands down! Which was my first choice too...but this one haunts me...maybe it's a ghost ship??? You live in a nice area...we looked down your way before we moved to Mammoth...