Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blogging Makes the World Smaller Every Day...

I'll bet you're wondering why I took this photo of 
one of my Christmas ornaments today... day was filled with Christmas tree needles all over the floor
and ornaments and decorations all over the table...
but why single out this little angel that TheChief brought back from 
South Africa, 10 years ago???

If you click'll see that my blogger friend, LadyFi, 
of Sweden...has a photo of the exact same ornament!!!
Also from South Africa!!!

Another reminder of just how small the world really is...
and how blogging can bring us together in unusual ways!!!


  1. So it is! Dear Chieftess, last November we stayed at Arizona for a few days, there I bought some Christmas stuff made by Native Americans, really tiny little Mokassins, love them! Love your Angels as well :-)

  2. :) :) :) One of these days, Elisabeth...I'm heading to Austria!!!

  3. Blogging indeed shrinks the world!

  4. Louis...I love that I feel I can go to many different parts of the world and meet up with someone that I've virtually "met" blogging!!!

  5. I miss having a Christmas tree, but for the past several years I've gone out of town, so it simply hasn't been practical. But I'll never, ever give up the ornaments that mean something special to me. That one of yours is a keeper, too!

  6. Glad you stopped by to visit PasPio!!! I have many special ornaments, including two teeny wooden ones that my mom had from Germany in 1932!!! They're part of what makes Christmas special!!!

  7. An amazing coincidence! Lovely shot... these beaded angels are so delightful!

  8. Definitely a small world LadyFi!!! And by the've got great taste in ornaments!!!