Monday, January 9, 2012

Ice Dancing...

What the well dressed ice dancers are wearing these days...

On Sunday, TheChief and I drove over Tioga Pass and headed in to Yosemite...
we stopped at Tenaya Lake to watch the ice skaters...
these young ladies were from Mammoth!!!  
This is the latest the Tioga Pass has stayed open in over 40 years...
it's looking like a dry year...


  1. Wow. I grew up ice skating on lakes but we never had fancy outfits like theirs! How cute!

  2. it is too dry a year. we've got clients in Bishop at the moment, burying a father that just passed. *thankfully* they can get thru Yosemite to get here and back and get around without chains---but we need the precipitation! Hoping the dryness ceases for a while and we can catch up on some rain/snow soon(well, it can wait until the client needs to come home).

    Adorable kids skating! LOVE the tutu!

  3. I've heard that the LA Times has been writing about the dry season up here...and also mentioning that there's plenty of ice skating on the lakes! Yosemite had signs out warning against going on the ice...a friend was up there taking pics and she said that people were taking the signs out on the ice and getting their pictures taken!!!

    Thanks for visiting Kaori and Trish!!!

  4. You wouldn't want to see «Louis» on ice...
    not a pretty picture!

  5. Oh my - what gorgeous dancers! And ice on the lake - how lovely.

  6. Oh Louis...I'm sure you're a pretty picture no matter what!!!

    Aren't the tutus to die for Margaret???

    It was quite something LadyFi...and a pretty big lake too!!!

  7. Memories of my childhood. I used to love to skate. Now I can barely stand to be outdoors if it's below 70!

  8. Well Petrea...that day it was in the mid 50's...pretty warm for up here in January!!!