Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still Raiding my Archives...

I'm always glad to see our wonderful ski patrol when I'm out 
there skiing...just seeing them patrolling makes me feel safer!!!


  1. Always nice to know they are out there. The only time I needed them, they were there for me, thankfully, or I'd still be on the side of the mountain in Big Bear!

  2. Love the bold color.
    I see them at work when I'm up there. Ditto on being so glad they are around and so competent.

  3. I'll bet they're even prettier when they turn around.

  4. But best enjoyed from a distance.

  5. Glad they found you Trish!!!

    Thanks Tash!!! Probably not a photo the average skier would want on their wall, but definitely a desirable sight when faced with pain and injury on the mountain!!!

    You're absolutely right Hiker!!! They were!!!

    I agree Margaret!!! Every day I ski and don't HAVE to have a meet and greet with them is generally a good day!!!

  6. I am too! Though I suspect USGS sent them for us---we were on a double-black diamond on accident and shaking nervously trying to figure out how to get down the mountain!

  7. These days Trish...I don't venture much past the kiddie chairs...and am still shaking!!!