Monday, January 16, 2012

Returning to the Lotus...

Huntington Library Gardens, Pasadena, California

"You must be a Lotus, unfolding its petals when the Sun rises in the sky,
unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it."
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Not much slush or water or snow falling in these mountains yet...
still reorganizing my photos...this is one I really like...

For more participants in Macro here!


  1. I am an absolute sucker for lotus photos.... This one is so beautiful... Here's one of mine for you to enjoy.

  2. I like it too.Aren't the lotus beautiful?

  3. Wow - totally stunning!

  4. beautiful shot! sometimes the macro shots are hard to frame properly--you did a great job with it!

    believe it or not, they are talking possible snow on the ground in my neck of the woods tomorrow/Thurs! ain't no lotus going to be opening around here in the next few days! 29F this am here!

  5. I just love it! Amazing light and colors and clarity.

  6. Thank you Justine!!! Your approval means a're the Queen of beautiful macros!!!

    Thanks Bibi!!! Just checked your lotus out and loved it!!! Loved the angle and burst of color!!!

    Thanks PA...they are especially beautiful!!!

    Thank you LadyFi!!!

    Trish...we just got home from the Central Coast...from flip flops to Ughs...shirt sleeve days to cold winds!!! We're bracing for snow finally in the next few days!

    Thanks Tash!!!