Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Daisy...doing her very favorite thing...

Riding in the car!!!

By the end of this week, Miss Daisy will have surpassed the doc's expectations...
Today, she and I took a drive down to Bishop to pick up her arthritis medicine...when she thinks she's going for  a ride, she still bounces and barks, eyes glittering and a smile on her face.  She climbs in the back with a little help from one of us, and finds her spot on her pad...
For awhile, she watches out the window, taking in the sights, or perhaps she appears to have pretty significant cateracts...
And then, she puts her head on the car door by the window, and dozes off...
This is her bliss...
She is our golden girl...

PS...I took this with my droid phone, yep, don't tell the Chief...while driving down 395 to Bishop!!!


  1. She is so adorable!

  2. AND she is a beauty!!
    I enjoyed both the text and the photos!:)

  3. thank you LadyFi and Gunn!!! Everyday with her now is a gift. We can tell she's winding down, and has some sore spots on her tummy that are beginning to noticeably bother her...but she's still got her twinkletoes bounce and bark so it's all good!!!

  4. So adorable! Send her a pat on the head and scratch behind the ear from me.

  5. What a sweet, zen-like expression. She is, indeed, your golden girl.

  6. Thank you Sharon! And Miss Daisy sends you a nuzzle!!!

    Margaret...I do believe you may be on to somethin...She may have been simply meditating here, not dozing!!!

  7. Lovely photos, and I won't tell. Dogs are so rewarding because when you make them happy, they really let you know. Even when they're as old as Miss Daisy.

  8. Sweetie girl. A dog's bliss makes her human happy, does it not? There's nothing like it. She's a good, good heart.

  9. Thank you Bellis! And you're right...Daisy absolutely lets me know when she's happy!!!

    Yes it does Petrea!!! Thanks!!!

  10. Judy - So CaliforniaFebruary 25, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    Awww I love the sweet pictures of Miss Daisy! and your secret is safe with me. So glad I had the chance to meet her and give her some personal lovin'. Oh yes, a happy "puppy" (of any age) makes a happy Mama as far as I am concerned.

  11. we have a lot to learn from dogs. they can be blissfully enjoying life while riding with their heads propped up, watching the world go by---yet we worry about traffic, weather, bills, fitting into skinny ski pants and what we're going to make for dinner.

    nothing quite like watching a pup of her age get a little puppy like, or being content with a ride in the car.

    am sure if she could talk she'd thank you for providing this glorious life for her. Goldens and all sorts of labs tend to get masses (the golden doodle people don't often mention this to prospective owners). If they don't bother her, let them be, and discuss with the vet about quality of life vs surgery options if they do. Most often, leaving them is the best choice. Just give her lots of love and treats and enjoy the time you have.

    wv: deddledi I'm thinking this is going thru Miss Daisy's mind..."deddledi, deddledi, deddledi; doodledi, doodledi, doodledi, ah, peaceful...oh hey, mom, when's dinner?"

  12. Thank you Judy!

    Deddledi...deddledi...doodledi!!! Teeheehee!!!

  13. Who wouldn't like to be driving Miss Daisy. She's a gift, she is.

  14. It's a relief to see her favorite thing is this! HA She and I assume the same pose when riding in the car. Does she snore??

    My wv is AMUSLING! :)

  15. That she is Hiker!!!

    She does snore Virginia!!! And yes, she is amusling!!!

  16. Daisy looks wonderful. And all the snow . . . WOW! We've never seen the snow level so low from here. Your pictures are beautiful. Steve particularly likes the ones of Dan shoveling snow :-)