Thursday, December 9, 2010

But do you have MY size???

They don't LOOK that much different than they did 20 years ago...

I'm thinking, next week!!!


  1. Yes!!!!
    We WILL get photographs for proof right???
    Whenever you do it, have a wonderful time Kathryn!!!

  2. Great shot! So, have you been skiing or are you thinking about it?

  3. Well, you could always get some FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Happy birthday, wonderful you!

  4. I'm planning on skiing next week...probably downhill first...then a lesson in cross skiing for locals during Christmas "vacation" though!!! We avoid the slopes with the tourist crunch!!! I'll have to hoodwink someone into taking a pic for me for proof though!!!

    No ski boots for my birthday (an iPad though!!!) I need to get back out there before any long term investments are you know how darned expensive ski boots are these days??? YIKES!!!