Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"X" is for...a day late and a dollar short???

Ooops!!!  I just realized today is Wednesday...and no post for ABC Wednesday!!!

I could just skip it...after all, today is "X"
But I am not one to back down from a challenge!!!

Now, quite a few participants picked XMas...understandable, given the proximity to the Christmas holiday...One participant picked Xanthin (yellow pigment) and various derivations...very inventive, I thought!!!

But what do I pick???  It's not like there's a lot to choose from...

Having recently moved to the mountains and being in the midst of a snowstorm, I doubt that Xenia would apply as that refers to the effect of pollen on certain plant structures...nor would Xenogamy work  which is the transfer of pollen from one plant to another...

Nope, those won't work...not much pollen these days...

Now...I've found one that has definitely applied the past few days...Xenon...a gaseous element!!!
Now, don't jump to conclusions!!!  I'm referring to Miss Daisy!!!

Yep...she's singlehandedly cleared the room on several occasions this past holiday...

Happy X-Day!!!

Hope your Xmas was a happy one!!!

Be sure and check out other participants in ABC Wednesday!!!


  1. Seems like instead of 'Driving Miss Daisy' you've got Miss Daisy doing the driving! Whatta girl. Very clever use of the X theme, though. Happy New Year.

  2. You're not saying your dog is a gassy lassie, are you? ;-)

    ABC Wednesday team

  3. Your X hits the spot--the funny one! It's a good thing Miss Daisy doesn't read your blog. She'd give you an extra tooting xenon blast. Happy New Year!

  4. Laughing! It can happen! Happy New Year!h

  5. Daisy is the sweetest dog ever...our best dog ever...even when she exudes her Xenon!!! We love her to bits! But, yes Roger, Miss Daisy is a gassy Lassie!!!

  6. You definately could not miss out X - it is such a difficult one and it finds us all searching for a take on it! A fantastis response - and a very merry xmas to you! Hope to see you in Round 8??
    ABC Team

  7. So glad that Miss Daisy and her Xenon could save the alphabet day... very clever!

    Happy New Year, K

  8. Thanks MrsNesbitt!!! Looking forward to round 8!

    Thanks Genie!!! She's our very good and precious girl and is most happy to share her Xenon whenever she must!!!

  9. hahahahahaha!!!
    Miss Daisy had better hope the EPA doesn't learn about her!

  10. never a good sign when you look at the dog and ask "did you EAT a skunk?!?!?!".

    hope Miss Daisy's hind end is less odoriferous, or that you're able to find some Citrus Magic to help save yourselves from it soon!

    and...we named a cat AleX once...he also emitted a noxious gas when we visited him, to which he promptly passed out...probably from being tired, but we called him the ALmostEXcat because of it.

    wv: corgishe a Yiddish word for when you aim to have a corgie and miss by thatmuch!

  11. Wow your pictures are amazeing! I Love u grandma kathy.

    Love always,

  12. Thank you Kasey!!! I love you too!!!

    LOLing Louis and Trish!!!