Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It Certainly is a White Christmas!!!

It's "W" for ABC Wednesday!

"Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance-
each beautiful, unique and too soon gone."
                                                                                                     Deborah Whipp

My very favorite Christmas Carol is the Irving Berlin song, White Christmas...
especially as sung by Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds in The Holiday Inn! 

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And yes, Mr. Earl, that's the deck!! About 1 foot short of the height of the storm at 6 feet deep!!!)



  1. Well that was a slam dunk

    WV Shurmony. Let's sing together in perfect shurmony.

  2. I'm speechless this is so beautiful!!

    About that snow. How is Miss Daisy managing her bidness??

  3. For the first few days after Daisy's surgery, I had to carry her up and down the stairs for her to take care of bidness. Realizing that this would probably result in my death before hers (and she's terminally ill), I started taking her out onto the back deck which conveniently has space between the boards. The Chieftess then purchased a great product - a sling to go under a dog's belly to help her get up/down stairs. She's now able to negotiate the stairs on her own. When the weather's nice, she likes to go for her daily constitutional walk. With the snow on the ground, she at best goes a short distance, squats, and then goes right back inside. Or, if the weather is really nasty, she uses the garage floor which necessitates a clean up. I think she's becoming a horse. When on a walk, she lifts her tail and leaves a series of deposits behind. No more squatting and doing it in one place.

    That's probably TMI, but you asked, Virg.

    WV: clogedsi - Daisy's digestive system for the first few days after surgery.

  4. Never too much TMI when it comes to Miss Daisy.

    Read about a photo contest, can't remember where, but yesterday or today. Had to do with Mammoth, I think? Kathy should definitely enter. And, I was also thinking she should submit some photos to LA Times when they're covering the weather situation up there, which they were today. K, your photos are better than any of the others I saw of the snow country.

  5. Beautiful photo! It gave me a sparkle of Christmas spirit for the first time this season.

  6. Wow!!! Thank you all!!! If you figure out the contest Hiker, let me know...I'll keep my eyes peeled!!! And I'll have to check out the LA Times for their Photo submissions...

    Daisy was positively twinkle toes on her afternoon walk today!!! Yep...she's rebounding nicely!!!