Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a MAMMOTH Winter!!!

Dan read on the internet that Mammoth Mountain has the most snow in North America today!!!  
(posted on Facebook by the good folks of Mammoth Mountain)

This was yesterday!!!  Need I say that it snowed all night last night?  Today, Tom and the girls were planning on leaving in the early morning...
A lot of shoveling, and two police cars helping to pull him out of the driveway, and they were on their way!!!   They did stop for breakfast with us at our new version of Montrose's City Hall diner.  Did I mention that we got right out?!!!  

(In all fairness, the fine fellows from MMLPD did help direct the Hubman aka the Chief through the big berm at the bottom of the driveway!)
(BTW is it police protocol to giggle and laugh while assisting Mammoth's citizens? er Chief?...Ho,ho,ho!!!)


  1. wow. More than Colorado? Vermont? Montana? Goooollllleeee. Now you'll never get Virg up there.

    The truck on the left looks like it's covered in sheep's wool.

  2. And that was just a bit of frosting!!! The snow is up to our second floor on the east side of the house!!! The driveway is so deep, there pretty much is no driveway!!! Hmmmm....a whole winter of this???

  3. Oh my!! I think you need to come to Alabammy to see Virg and me... It was in the 60s in Mobile today.

    That snow is just beautiful though.


  4. What a lovely snowy world! (Lots of snow here too.)

    Have a magical Christmas!

  5. That is a lot of snow.

    Keep up the good attitude as long as you can. I'm pullin' for ya.

  6. This photo only shows the effects of the beginning of the storm. Mammoth Lakes has received the most December snow ever and there are still 11 more days. Locals say they've never seen this much snow in one storm in December. Snow is now covering some of the first floor windows completely. And it's only December!!!

    WV: rapstamb - the sound a large slab of snow makes when sliding off the roof and onto the ground below.

  7. Patience is a virtue Mr. E!!!

    Sounds good Genie!!! Although come Jan 4 I'll be off to Oregon to visit my sister...from snow to rain...

    thank you Lady Fi!!! It certainly is beautiful and magical!!!

    As DB said Petrea, that was only the beginning!!! Stay tuned, more snow pics down the road!!!

    There's a lot of snow out there...but I'm still smiling DB!!!

  8. I recall one winter where it snowed in MM so much that friends with a 3 story condo had to jump UP from the 3rd story to get to the snow berm---they were measuring the base in FEET not inches anymore...'86 maybe? can't remember anymore.

    and uhm...police protocol is usually to try NOT to giggle when citizens are around...but when you're hauling the Chief's rear end out of snow...;-)

  9. Hey when you type in mammoth lakes this comes up grandma kathy! How is daisey by the way!

  10. Hi Kasey!!! That's pretty exciting that this comes up!!! Daisy is doing much better. She's walking on her own and going up and down the stairs on her own! We missed you this last weekend...and will miss you at Christmas! Hope you're having a fun time during your break! Love you!!! Grandma Kathy :)

  11. That's an amazing picture. And that's an amazing amount of snow. I hope this first winter won't be too hard of an adjustment. I guess you'll always have "Glimpses of South Pas" if you need it.

  12. Hi Trish! Just to clarify...the Chief's son got his truck pulled out, the Chief only needed navigational help!!! Both types of assistance garnered a fair amount of laughter though!!!

    Margaret, that's only the half of it!!! Where the trucks were parked, is a berm of snow about 15 feet tall (from the snow plow)...snow on the roof is about 2 feet thick...and our deck is 6 feet under!!! But ya know what? Even with all this snow and cold, I am still enjoying it up here!!! The beauty is incredible and the people up here are friendly and fun...all in all, still a wonderful experience!!!

  13. lol...ok, but kin are generally associated with said "official", either getting stuck in a berm or lost. guilt by association---good or bad. ;-)

    hope y'all are hanging in there---LA is making our news with floods/muds, y'all are making our news for all the snow you've got! One of my sisters-in-law has to drive up 395 to Tahoe from LA on Sunday...I'll tell her to wave as she goes by!

    wv: dursist....what they are "assisting" with when they pull the chief's son's car out of the berm...durrr assist! or what the police do when they have to help yet another IQ challenged traveler.