Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In's ABC Wednesday!!!

Yes, truth be told, it is "V" day for ABC Wednesday...

On a day like today, I am Very, Very glad to have these quite Voluminous machines out and about in our Village.  I suppose, if you've had your car buried by one some white and cold morning, you might be tempted to Vilify the driver of these Vehicles.  However, Verily I say unto you, let it go!!!  Your Version may not be the only Version...perhaps the Vehicle came into a Vortex that wouldn't let go...or...perhaps the local Vintner  was driving said Vehicle...
Whatever the case, it is not wise to get Volatilely Verbal with the driver of one of these Vehicles as your Vehicle might end up being fertilizer for the Verdant fields of spring!!!

May your day today be filled with Verve!!!

For more interpretations of the letter V...Visit here!!!

Viva la "V" Day!!!


  1. We had our holiday gift exchange today, and I got a bottle of VINO. In vino, veritas!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. THE vehicle of choice of snowy days.

  3. Wow, those are huge wheels!! And huge chains on those huge wheels, too! I'm SO glad we don't have enough snow to need them!

    Verve? I was listening to them the other day, but today it was The Cure!

  4. Unchain My Heart

  5. Surely could use one of these here now! Great shots!

  6. Terrific photos! I'm pretty sure I could get over the berm at the end of my driveway if I had this virile machine. Otherwise, I'm doomed to wait til spring...:)

  7. Vino in Veritas Rog!!!

    "V"s are Very Vastly Voluminous when you come right down to it!!! thanks Barb!!!

    Certainly around here Joy!!!

    I know Jay!!! I was mesmerized by the chains, then stood up close and personal and amazed at how huge they were!!!

    Great version of Unchain my Heart DBW!!!

    Lisa...Mammoth does an extraordinary job of keeping the streets clear...I think it has to do with all those skiers going up and down from the mountain!!!

    Thanks Tumblewords!!! The Chief had a bit of trouble today with the berm at the bottom of the driveway (pre-plow)!!!

    Very Valued praise coming from you Ms being yourself, a master of verbiage!!!